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Thread: How do you spend your times?

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    Hi Kimsoon, I hope you're having a good day. I wonder what you have available in local crafts...I took up jewelry making, pottery and I hope to learn to paint soon. Pottery is really relaxing and I feel great reinventing my artistic side. A good inspirational book can help brighten your day.

    If you began a blog I would read it...

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    Raising my children, want one? I'm tired zzzzzzzz

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    Same thing I do everyday, launch an evil plot to rule the world!

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    I have been raising my children for 29 years but suddenly only my small one, 15 years old, is home and he is out most of the time so I am bored too. I don't know what to do, most of the time I am alone with my two cats.

    And I am doing some housework, shopping, drinking coffee on the sidewalk cafes. But I am not to fond to go out alone, my neighbor in a wheel chair has been robbed four times just outside and we have had too many rapes the last months.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    I work eight hours each weekday and have to squeeze PT into that, as well. In addition, I design ads for a pet magazine, manage my church's website, knit, run errands, putz about the house and yard. Not enough hours in the day, especially since my injury has made me slower than I used to be.

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    The first couple years after my accident I earned my masters degree. Then I was bored and spent time at home doing nothing. I started teaching online classes part time in 2005, and was hired as a full time instructor at a state university in 2006. I still teach some online classes, but am mainly on campus teaching in a classroom the last few years. I was promoted to assistant professor last year and will have my PhD by the end of the year. I like PhD better than ABD.

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    Volunteering, working out, developing/writing a business plan, creating fiber art, squeezing in a social life.

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    Since SCI visited me I spend much of my time volunteering, social activities and attempting to learn the art of wood carving. I am active with the Paralyzed Veterans of America. I seldom find myself bored or unhappy with my paralysis.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Honcho View Post
    I like PhD better than ABD.
    I'm currently ABD (history) and hating it. Can't quite seem to muster the enthusiasm to get the damn thing done. Other than that, a partner and I rent wheelchair vans and I dabble in stock trading. Internet, family, friends. A bit of cooking. Nothing very exciting, but enough to get through each day without going comatose.

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    Now that I have stopped working I spend a lot of time online, in addition to reading and tv watching. I also plant a small flower garden each summer, or sometimes buy the flowers already in pots so all I have to do is tend them.

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