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Thread: Ischiadicus pain

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    Ischiadicus pain

    I am quad c5 complete for about 18 years. Since last two weeks I am having a lot of pain in my right leg. It speeds from my but down to my foot. Like electricity socks. I talk to doctor and did some research it looks like ischiadicus. Does anybody have that problem and how did you threat that?
    Thank you
    Sorry on my English.

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    is sciatica. Sorry on my spelling

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    About a month ago I had the same shooting pains. The doc did an x-ray and it was a herniated disk. About 90% of those will 'fix' themselves without surgery. Initially my doc gave me steroids to get the inflammation of the nerve down. After that it got a little better and now he has me taking neurontin and going to physical therapy. I still feel a litle pain but it's been a slow process. Good luck - hopefully yours will resolve itself if you take it easy. Will your doc give you some meds for the pain?
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