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Thread: I did it, I did it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
    If there is any camber at all,make sure that the toe-in/out is set O. You can use a square and place it against the flat slot on the camber tube and square it to the floor.

    Congrats girl, yeah that description does require a photo or two lol. Girl in a bikini with tools; everymans dream.
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    I don't think Oli is gonna live this one down Metro lol.

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    Good for you, Oli! (and, fwiw, I think the Internet needs another image of a bikini clad girl like I need another spinal cord injury. )


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    Yeah, especially a married one! Hehe

    I think at this point my chair is finished and fitting as well as it is ever going to. And it is all thanks to you guys.

    Now I still have to master the wheelie. I almost got pitched out trying to go up a driveway. I didn't quite judge the lip and hit it with too much speed at the wrong angle. I was ok though.

    I have been practicing the wheelies in the house with the couch behind me and am getting 'better' at them but not proficient yet. Especially not for a little curb or anything.

    I need to get better to manage the world around me. I have been working out and practicing on some steep hills to build strength though...


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    Actually doing wheelies going down hill are 10x easier than on a flat road..

    Never found a reason to do a wheelie going uphill..
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    I was thinking about the bump I hit and came to an abrupt stop and almost flew out of my chair on my way from the street up to the sidewalk on a driveway. I thought that if I could have done a little wheelie over the bump then it would have been smoother sailing. It was like a tiny curb that I hit.

    What is the correct thing to do when rolling up to a bump, lip, crack or small curb? You wheelie your front wheels over it and then keep on rolling right?


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    Yea that's the way to do it O. I can just give a small nudge to my back wheels and lean back a bit to raise the front wheels off the ground. Doesn't have to be much.

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    I would rather push a little hard and keep myself perpendicular to the ground, than lean backwards. Leaning backwards makes me nervous because it's hard to recover from if you go too far. Just make sure your hands are ready to do a follow-up push in case you don't have enough momentum to go over it, otherwise you may find yourself on your back.

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    Way to go Oli! Very happy for you and proud of you for taking the bull by the horns. Glad your chair is fitting you so much better!

    RE bumps- I do a caster pop and keep rolling. The way I have my COG set up if I push hard my castors rise about 1/6 of an inch- just enough for my wheels to clear a tiny bump like a power cord. If it's a bigger one then I do a rolling pop that gives me a few inches of clearance. It's halfway between a wheelie and a pop- so I do the hip movement to get the wheelie action and then I do a few 'whuff' pushes (pushes that are mostly on the top half of my wheels and make a 'whuff' sound when I do them with my gloves on.

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    Thanks, I have been practicing those kinds of things on my little workouts I have been doing twice a week to get stronger. I think I am getting stronger AND getting better at navigating sidewalks and curb cuts and up hills and slanted sidewalks and all that stuff!

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