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Thread: I did it, I did it!

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    I did it, I did it!

    Thanks to all of the generous people on this board with their time, knowledge and parts, I bought a tiny camber tube, traded some axels, drank some champagne, used some tools in a bikini and now have some seriously slim fitting wheels!

    I am now an inch and three quarters narrower than I was before! How is that for an instant slimming affect? I even fit all the way under my desk now.

    I had been waiting for the camber tube for a week and a half from Tilite and it finally arrived just after a nice hot tub soak and champagne sip that my husband arranged knowing I was quite anxious about it all. And yes, on our way back in the golf cart the tube was there waiting for me. I got down to business right away before even changing.

    It was a little challenging to get the camber tube centered since it was millimeters to spare on either side. More like a hairs width. In the end I slightly dremeled a bolt and we are perfect.

    Thanks everyone for all your help. Couldn't have done it without you!

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    Congrats...Your post begs for a Pic of you in the

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    If there is any camber at all,make sure that the toe-in/out is set O. You can use a square and place it against the flat slot on the camber tube and square it to the floor.

    Congrats girl, yeah that description does require a photo or two lol. Girl in a bikini with tools; everymans dream.

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    Thanks Patrick, I did it by eye because I was on the floor holding things with one hand and trying to measure with the other and so on. Needed one more arm. I will go back with a level thingy and make sure it is correct. I at least knew to look and see which way it should be going... I have 4 degrees of camber by the way...

    Hehe, my hubby said I should have videoed the whole thing with the bathing suit on. I said I would pass on that but that it WAS funny.

    Seriously, thanks everyone for all the education.


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    Oli- I'm just trying to be a smart A** so don't take this wrong

    Patrick said to use the square thingy thats the L shaped level without the bubbles
    Sorry, just had to explain it the way I do to my girls, my husband gets so frustrated when I tell them I need the plus or minus screwdriver. He says they should know the correct names but hey, they get the right one when I say plus or minus.

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    Well, I don't have a square but I do have a thing with the bubbles that go at every angle so I should be able to use it to make sure it is straight up and down. Doing my best and trying not to buy more stuff. I live in a TINY trailer. hehe

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    COngratulations Oli.... Your excitement is evident in your post!!!!! Isn't it fun to accomplish new things!!!?
    L1 Complete - Injury 3/12/06 - Grateful to be alive!!!!

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    Either one ladies, will work. Either the L thingy or the I thingy with bubbles on it. Congrats. Oli, you persevered and conquered. We're all proud of you.

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