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Thread: How to get Tar/Dried Asphalt off tires?

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    Vegetable oil should work as well.

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    Thanks everyone!

    I haven't been able to get help with this yet, but given some debate (here and various online sites/forums) regarding the use of WD-40 and other petroleum-based products like Mineral Spirits, I should stay just stay away from them, just to on the safe side.

    I'll try this Bowdens Bug and Tar spray and see if it helps.

    I'll try scraping some more, but like I said, it's pretty flat on the surface, almost like it's painted on. I'm thinking that pressure washing (if I could even do that) wouldn't really get something like that off? But then again, I've never tried, so can't say I know what I'm talking about.

    I'll test spot treat with vegetable oil to see if that helps lubricate and loosen enough.

    BTW the tires are on wheels my powerchair, so they're not easily removable to clean and definitely not so cheap to replace (else my lazy butt would do it in a hot second!).

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    Gas or diesel will take it right off. Shouldn't hurt the tire unless you soak them in it.

    May try warming it up with a hair dryer/heat gun.
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    Vegi oil or Crisco.

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    Brake parts cleaner found in the automotive section of most major retailers or Wally World. It works awesome!

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    I think thatWD-40isthe number onechoiceforyouat this time,butifthehigh pressurewashersarealsoquitefit andalsonotfavorable!Wish youhad theright choice!

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    I suspect that since it has been 5 YEARS since this thread was started, that the OP has resolved this issue by now!!!!


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