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Thread: i need to buy fleet enemas, help

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    i need to buy fleet enemas, help

    i use the 1.25oz fleet enema's with bisacodyl
    everywhere i look online to buy them, they are sold out or on backorder
    does anyone know where i can get some!


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    Here is a bulletin regarding the Fleet Bisacodyl enema product, date May 5, 2011. They are experiencing a production shortage. Is there a substitute product you can use for a while?


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    any substitute you can recommend?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RAZZ81 View Post
    any substitute you can recommend?
    I don't know if there is a specific reason that you use the Fleet product, but if you are willing to try other methods, there are Magic Bullet Bisacodyl suppositories and Enemeez mini enemas.
    Magic Bullets (also available from other suppliers):


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    I would agree with trying the Enemeez instead. It is probably closest in effect and composition to the liquid bisacodyl "mini-enema" sold by Fleets.


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    the enemeez is docusate sodium 283mg,lot milder than disacodyl. most companies will send you some free samples.i have seen the fleet bisacodyl enemas in the larger size, i have ordered them from or walgreens online, they were about 12oz, i am not dire if they are out,if bisacodyl is in short supply then magic bullets will also be hit on the next run.
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    True metronycguy

    Gang how about generic brand ones by walmart or CVS etc... ??? Lemme know thanks : GL

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    Unless magic bullet has gone way up in price, I recommend it. You get 100 in a box. I don't know how many emeneze you get.

    Ok these guys have the MB for $56 shipped.
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    When I buy my enemas I purchase a months supply and keep them in my closet by my bathroom and some on a bathroom shelf

    2 to a box in my case per package ...

    Magic Bullets yes these are good imop I used to use them but I dont know I find a $1.56 box of generic enemas worth it in my life ...

    Glycerin suppositories used to work on me but then they stopped .

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    Bisacodyl Enemas

    We have been microwaving the Fleets Naturals for 28 seconds and dissolving a bisacodyl suppository in the bottle. You just shake the bottle until the suppository dissolves. Also you need to check to make sure it is not too hot before you use it. We microwave and dissolve the suppository then wait a few minutes to get it the right temperature. It is working ok enough to get us through. I just called the company and was told the bisacodyl enemas would, hopefully, be available in August. (They told me that about May also). Hope this helps.

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