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Thread: my son. 18 yrs of joy, heartache, frustration.

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    That is such a nice picture Cass. Being the mother of 2 adult kids I understand the ups and downs. 18 is a rough age for parents.

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    Good job, Cass! Nice looking young man.

    I actually loved when my kids turned 18. Even though I knew if the 'shit hit the fan' I'd still be/feel responsible for them, I basically let them know they were in charge of their lives. Congrats on surviving all the ups & downs of being a mother! You done good.

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    A very handsome young man Cass.

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    Great job Cass!

    "Hope is like a road in the country; there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence." Lin Yutang

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    18 is tough. they really don't seem to understand the responsibilities. one of his friends thinks 11k/yr good salary and that ss can't deduct from paycheck cause they're young. lord help me from bashing my head against wall as they won't listen to me. BIG WAKE UP CALL COMING!

    thanks for the comments! todd and betheny now have me worried and donno, yeah lol, he grew in my yard

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    You've done a great job Cass. He's a handsome young man.....

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    Our kids can wreck our heads... but we still love them no matter what. your son is a good looking young man Cass

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    He reminds me of my bro. He also has a cute, innocent face with a clever smile and mischevious eyes But he is only 16 and a complete brat - in a sweet way thought!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muriel View Post
    Our kids can wreck our heads... but we still love them no matter what. your son is a good looking young man Cass
    it's the irish in him my grandma was a callahan. guess that's where the red in our hair and freckles come from. grandma had red hair and a temper to match, i'm told. the danish blood from other side tried to wipe it out but the irish fought em off in gene warfare

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