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Thread: my son. 18 yrs of joy, heartache, frustration.

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    my son. 18 yrs of joy, heartache, frustration.

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    btw, i wouldn't trade a minute of my life w/my son. not one minute. he is my joy, my happiness, my life. i wish him only happiness on his next journey in life.

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    Great looking kid Cass. I trust he will show that the roots you provided him run deep and will hold him steady thru life. Hapyy Mom's day Girl!

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    What a handsome young man.

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    Very handsome young man. 18 is a hard age....they think they know everything. My oldest daughter thought she ruled the world for a few but is a wonderful young woman, a great new mom, and one of the best daughters that I could ask for....I have two girls that I would not trade for the world. There are many more great years to come with your son. Enjoy every moment! It is very rewarding!

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    He is a very handsome man, Cass. He looks much less innocent in that photo than what you've told us at times. I hope for the best for you and him.

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    Cass, I thought that cripples couldn't have kids!!! What's up???

    Great looking boy, I hope that he makes you proud.
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    When did he go from cute to hot? (Sorry, Cass, but that's just a fact.)

    Good job at the hardest job of all, lady.

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    nice looking boy.

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    Very handsome young man ... but he looks so much younger than his age!
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