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Thread: Options to pay for a PCA?

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    Options to pay for a PCA?

    Right now, the Personal Preference Program pays for my assistant. I am eligible for this because I am on mediciad.

    I am starting a new job next month. I'll be above any threshold to stay eligible, so I don't think there's any way I can be on medicaid.

    Are there any other options for me? Now that I'll be working full time, I'll need an aide more than ever. It will be a significant expense. As far as I know there's nothing Medicare can do. Has anyone heard of doing something through their employer?

    I'm ok with losing all my benefits due to my income, except my PCA! Please help if you've gone through this!
    C5/6- Workin' on Recovery

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    Unfortunately one of the major disincentives for working for people with serious disabilities is the loss of attendant care services funding. Rarely will any insurance, and certainly not Medicare, pay for this type of care. Most working people must pay for this out of pocket.

    Have you looked at reorganizing your care needs to minimize the number of hours of care you need?

    What is your living situation? Could you now, or arrange to have a home situation that would allow you to offer free board and room to a caregiver in exchange for attendant care? Since you would be working, this might be a good set-up for hiring a student, since I assume you would be at work at times when they need to attend classes or study. You may have to pay some additional to just board and room, but this should significantly reduce it. Calculate what these real costs would be to the student in estimating the value when negotiating pay. I know of at least one college student who recruited only foreign students for PCAs, and included the perk that they would help them improve their written and spoken English into the bargin.


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    Have you tried Division of Disability Services (609) 292-7800? There's a pogram for assistance for people returning to work and PCA assistance.

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    Medicaid has a working disabled program. You should contact and see if you will qualify. It allows for people to work and pay a share of cost if their income gets too high for regular medicaid.

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    Do you guys know of anyone who's been able to do this? It's hard to get a hold of someone there.

    Online it says any income below $54,948. I will be earning $70k. Can I write down medical expenses such as the PCA? Does anyone know the approximate buy-in? My PCA currently gets paid about $1,000 a month. If I had to pay out of pocket, I'd try and get it down to around $400-$500 a month by cutting back hours and paying a lower rate.
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    yes, you can deduct your pca expenses. However-to keep it legal and be able to do this, you must pay as an employer, or by a 1099.
    I spend out of my work income per year about $17,000 on PCA's alone. This amount is roughly an average of 50-57 hours per 2 week timeframe.
    Your state may have a program designed for people with disabilities who are working, or aspire to work. this amount may help to supplement what you pay your attendants. call your independant living center, they may have knowledge of such programs.

    unfortunately you must be homebound, or on medicaid services to receive help in most circumstances. it is difficult, but not impossible for us.

    see this irs form
    Nursing services or Maintenance and personal care services.

    finally, find a good tax accountant

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    Don't know if you are receiving SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance), which provides monthly income to those with a work history who become disabled. If you are receiving this, it will continue for many months after you start working. When I started working I saved as much of it as possible for medical expenses.
    Good luck.

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