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Thread: Custom Cushion?

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    Custom Cushion?


    Can someone explain a custom Ride cushion to me?

    I've always had GEL and REALLY SOFT cushions with plenty of padding. Recently I got a new chair and they had a customized ride cushion, and took an impression of my butt and everything.

    The result is good, it helps with stability.

    but there is no padding, at all. It feels like a hard when I touch it.

    They explained that the customized impression would reshift the weight to other areas that can handle it? something like that?

    wtf? where can I get more info.

    I haven't exactly noticed a big difference (re; pressure sores) it seems to be about the same, but when I get off my butt feels "wrinkly" and sometimes it feels "firmer" when I touch with my hand.

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    ohh.. a cushion that firms your butt? Electrical stimulation of some kind?

    seriously I used a Ride Forward (non-custom) cushion on my last chair and loved it. I would quite often tell quads about it and 4-5 of them had been fitted for a custom Ride. They all hated them, all of them were collecting dust somewhere because they are such a bulky uncomfortable cushion.

    Creating a custom cushion is a good idea but it's the execution that often suffers. IMO, pressure-mapping is hit-and-miss at best, seems the results are easily misinterpreted. From my experience most "seating specialists" are only specialized in sitting on their ass all day.

    If your butt feels wrinkly at the end of the day I would try a different cushion for a while and see if the situation changes, but be sure to watch your posture. If you find yourself leaning or slouching go back to the Ride.

    A young guy locally has some serious scoliosis from being in an over-sized chair most of his life. He has a definite lean due to the curvature of his spine. This has led to a pressure sore on his one side because it contact the upper corner of his backrest upholstery. I showed him a dual-chambered Varilite cushion that would improve his posture but his physical therapists aren't keen on the idea.

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    I use that dual chambered Varilite cushion Tooley is referring to. The Varilite Pro Form NX. It's teh best cushion I've had except for the hard foama I uesed to use. But since I'm leaning to one side, this seems toreally help.

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    Is that what it's called? "hard foam"?

    Should i sick with this cushion?
    What are signs I should be worried?
    Is butt getting firmer bad?

    Anyone else use this type?

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    The member monkeygirl uses a custom Ride cushion - she likes it.

    I've got one of the Varilite dual chambered cushions in the pipeline, should be here Tues. (Thanks for the tip, Patrick)

    I think if you're a long time chair user, 20 years or more, you're gonna have some lean to one side or the other. I have a slight lean to the left, but not much scoliosis. I believe I had/have a contracture of my right hip that causes mine. I'm setting up a doc appt to see if he can do anything about it.
    Quote Originally Posted by diaspora View Post
    Is that what it's called? "hard foam"?

    Should i sick with this cushion?
    What are signs I should be worried?
    Is butt getting firmer bad?

    Anyone else use this type?
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