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Thread: How much crap do you...

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    How much crap do you...

    have on your chair? I notice a lot of people try and get the lightest chair possible, e.g. titanium, carbon fiber, spinergy wheels, etc. I myself have a TiLite TR. However, I can't help but carry all sorts of stuff with me. I have 2 pouches underneath, one for the wallet, keys, pocket change, and cell and the other for tools, tubes and a small hand pump. I also have a backpack for meds, medical supplies, snacks, glasses, and other misc. junk. I believe I've narrowed it down to the basic essentials but swear it must be another 10 lbs. I know that if I leave the bag with tools at home, fate will intervene and something will break down. Do you carry this much?

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    Yeah pretty much! All that plus a bunch of intermittent cath kits.

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    I carry a small bag with cath stuff + wallet + pen + iphone. That's it. If I lived in a big city & didn't use my car to get around, I might carry more. Spare tubes / tools / etc are in the car.

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    I just carry in a pocket i`ve got in the seat my wallet, phone, keys,pen and a razor knife.

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    Wallet, phone, keys, favorite pocket knife in a Case Logic carrier on the left frame down tube. I have a small backpack in the car with spare tubes and tools to change tires and catheters. I don't carry that stuff with me, but it's never far.

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    Like others,

    Wallet, phone, keys, small folding multi-tool, in one pocket of an Advantage small Down Under bag. Four 700ml Coloplast hydro bag caths, and 4 gloves in the 2nd pocket.

    Backpack in van with more caths, tools, and other crap. I used to carry the backpack on back of chair but learned I hardly ever needed to get in it. And it weighs a ton.
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    Pouch under the seat with - wallet, phone, keys, pen. If and only if I figure I am going to need the back pack I have a portable cath, multi-tool, tire repair kit. (I have a spare tube and tire in my van along with a pump) touch wood I have yet to need them.

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    Bag with bike tool (wrenches, pliers etc), wallet, pen, gum, sunscreen. Cooler with ice packs to regulate my temp in the summer. Any less equipment and I start to freak that something bad will happen. Crazy but true.

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    I don't have anything attached to my chair other that neoprene frame guards and calf strap. Everything else goes in my messenger bag.

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    I don't carry anything with me such as tools. I'm not that hard on my chair, so its very unlikely that something will break. 25 years being in a chair and I've never owned a backpack. Cath stuff fits in my purse.

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