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Thread: question about a PCA -help, SCI nurse?

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    Do you mean having the person they will replace at the interview? No.

    If you mean another PCA that you also use, then I introduce them after the interview but before the final hiring decision.

    We always interview at a coffee shop (Coco's) that is close to the house, and easy to find. If I like the person and the interview goes well, they follow me back to the house to meet my mother (the actual employer) and see the set up for the job. I do not give out the address until that time.


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    I find good people at You have to pay to post a job, but has been worth it this last time i hired.

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    No way on having current PCA at the interview, and interview at Starbucks or McDonalds. Always somewhere that there are a lot of people.

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    My husband had a PCA for 2 years that knew his cares as well as me. She understood our family dynamics and even came to a couple doctor appts with us to learn some of the procedures.
    Twice when we needed another PCA she screened people on the phone and was very specific on his needs and what type of equipment was used. If they sounded good she met them at a coffee shop to get a feel.
    We got a couple good PCAs that way and she trained them in. It would not work for everyone, but we trusted her instincts and was a way to screen people without having them come to our home or know who were were.

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    Any recommendations on background checks?
    Do you do the online or is there a better way?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skilled Driver View Post
    Any recommendations on background checks?
    Do you do the online or is there a better way?
    We have discussed this many times here in the past. Try doing a search using the term "background check" on this forum.

    We use a friend who is a private investigator to do ours, for a reasonable fee. We only do this once we have already interviewed, checked references, and decided we want to make a job offer, so we generally only do 1 or 2 each time we hire, although we may interview as many as 15 people.


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