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Thread: haven't pooped in almost 3 days

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    haven't pooped in almost 3 days

    My last one was early Wednesday morning. Just wondering when I ought to be worried about this? I do manual evacs and my "normal" schedule is twice a day - pretty darn regularly. Now suddenly there is nothing at all. So nothing on Wed night, nothing Thurs morning, nothing Thurs night, nothing Fri morning, nothing Fri night. I've never gone this long with nothing! I feel bloated, my tummy feels uncomfotably full. I'm still eating mostly okay, other than feeling bloated. No changes in meds, diet, or anything else that might have affected things. From what I've read, I seem to have a bowel that fits the LMN description, if that helps at all. I have SPMS as well as severe scoliosis with a fusion from T4-sacrum, and I use a powerchair.

    Any ideas? I don't usually have to take anything to help things move along, but I've taken several softeners (not laxatives) over yesterday and today, with no results. At what point do I need to do something, and what should that something be - call to doc, enema, ???

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    Drink lots of water...

    Not 100% but I don't think 3 days is enough to worry yet guess wait till the nurse see's this. good luck
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    Hello "retto76."
    You have thrown two abbreviations into your post that I am not sure I understand. I don't want to assume anything since I have been sliced, diced and minced on this website, because I have assumed what abbreviations and acronyms mean. So I am asking, what do you mean by your comments that you have a bowel that "fits the LMN description" and you have "SPMS?"
    I think you mean LMN (lower motor neuron lesion) and SPMS (Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis), but could you confirm what you mean.
    That said and qualified that I am not sure what you mean by your abbreviations and acronyms, I am wondering if something has changed in the amount of fluids that your are drinking or the types of foods your are eating at this time of year. Three days may not be long enough to begin to worry about constipation or impaction, but it might be a good idea to try a suppository. Since you don't usually use suppositories, you may get some relief from a bisocodyl suppository that you can buy over the counter at your drug store, i.e., Ducolax or Fleet or generic.
    Hope this is helpful.
    All the best,

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    Three days is getting to the limit. You should not let it go any longer. I agree that you should try a bisocodyl suppository. It is technically a laxative as it is a stimulant. It will stimulate you colon to evacuate any stool. The ones you can get at the drug store may take a little while as they are in an oil base (glycerin) but you need to do this lo later than tomorrow morning if you do not get some serious results. Since your late one was Wednesday morning, you will hit three days tomorrow morning. You will be even more uncomfortable by morning since you are continuing to eat. If you experience nausea, or fever, you need to get medical attention fast as you may have an impaction.--eak

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    Yes, by SPMS I mean secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. By LMN bowel, I mean the lower motor neuron bowel issues. I don't know for sure that I have that, but from everything I've read about various bowel issues, that fits me very well.

    Still nothing this morning, ugh. 3 days might not sound like much time to some people, but I normally go twice a day (or on days where I've eaten much less, I sometimes only go once).

    My daughters have a piano recital at 1pm today, so I can't really go and take a suppository right now! But I will plan on doing so right afterward. This is highly uncomfortable. And tomorrow is Mother's Day! Not the way I planned on spending it! My hubby & kids made me breakfast in bed this morning, which was an awesome surprise (tho my tummy was too full to eat much!)

    Would an enema be more effective than a suppository? Or could it be used if the suppository doesn't give any results? If so, are there any brands/types that are better to try than others?

    Thanks so much for any help with this!

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    Yay! I just was able to remove (with a lot of work) 3 little quarter-sized rocks. Though it wasn't much, and I still feel horribly bloated, at least I know I'm not blocked! After my kids' piano recital today, I can get more aggressive with this. Thanks for the help, and I hope I can get this resolved before heading back to work on Monday morning!

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    retto76, stool softeners will not help once you're already constipated. They prevent stool from becoming hard and dry, but do not work on stool that's already formed.

    Personally, I would suggest taking a mild laxative like Milk of Magnesia or even plain old magnesium supplements to soften the stool first thing in the morning on Sunday, and then using the bisacodyl suppository Sunday evening to get things moving.

    Never underestimate the power of prunes! Eating a serving of prunes, which act as a stimulant and are high in fiber, can get the bowel moving. Prunes plus 400-500 mg of magnesium in the morning has never failed to result in a good clean out that same night.

    Good luck, and happy Mother's Day.
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    woa! it's thc!!! hiya! i'm gonna agree on the laxative at this point + suppository. it may help better than a suppository alone. best to get it from both ends
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    Stool softeners don't work after the fact. Try a laxative-besides mom you could try Miralax, senna, or bisacodyl. If no results, I would try a suppository - bisacodyl or even a mini-enema.

    No results! Call your doc! You might need to have an xray to see what is going on. After you get cleaned out, you need to try to figure out why it happened. Change in diet, fluid, activity or medication could be the culprit.

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