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Thread: Alliance For Renegerative Medicine (ARM)

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    The final paragraph sums up the need and vision very nicely. Changes must be made now. The chance for SCI advocates to have an impact has never been greater. We must be large in numbers and have clear loud voices. Every SCI organization should have membership in ARM. If you belong to a SCI organization...please check with them to see if they have ARMed themselves to advance the cure forward. Thank you for posting the article IMHopeful!

    Through partnerships that capitalize on our respective strengths, NIH, academia, philanthropy, patient advocates, and the private sector can take full advantage of the promise of translational science to deliver solutions to the millions of people who await new and better ways to detect, treat, and prevent disease. So, let us embark on this new adventure with eyes wide open—recognizing the tremendous scientific challenges and acknowledging the difficulties posed by fiscal constraints, yet fixing our vision on the possibility of profound benefits for humankind. Opportunities to advance the discipline of translational science have never been better. We must move forward now. Science and society cannot afford to do otherwise.
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    Translational is a powerful idea. So much that has been discovered has sometimes been an aside. Did Fleming set out to "discover" antibiotics? He was observant, and something that many may have overlooked was followed through. Did Jenner set out to found the science of immunology? Unlikely; he was a country doctor who noticed something clearly missed by others. Following through led to the procedure of vaccination.

    Of course dedicated research into SCI per se is important, but we should not rule out the significance of some related finds that "miss the mark".
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