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Thread: Dr. Young, Italy?

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    Dr. Young, Italy?

    How was your trip?

    Learn anything new? coming soon? applicable?

    Should we looking for any breaking news?


    Onward and Upward!

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    It's been a long trip and a lot happened. Let me see, what scuttlebutt did I collect. I spoke to Al Bohbot and also the father of a person with spnal cord injury whose son received the laserpuncture therapy. I continue not to understand the mechanism and do not yet find the data convincing.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) is funding a spinal cord injury Center in Reyjavik (Iceland) and it will be dedicated to collaboration and facilitating information distribution.

    Harry Goldsmith gave a talk about omentum transplants. He says that over 5000 such transplants have been carried out world-wide, most only in China. He has been doing omentum transplants in people with Alzheimer's disease.

    The evidence for supported ambulation training improving the function of people with both incomplete and complete spinal cord injury is very strong. Although people with complete spinal cord injuries were not recovering to the point of independent walking, they were regaining some function and it is measurable. I am impressed.


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    Wise, Anything you're impressed with is worth sitting up and taking note of!

    Now, what kinds of lovely Italian food did you have?!!!! You understand, as a hobbit, this is my only concern!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Let me answer the questions concerning Italy in the Life Forum. Wise.

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    Dear Wise,

    Thanks for your intervention. It was a pleasure to meet you at the Brescia meeting. I think you certainly spoke to the father of a young Portuguese quadriplegic, Salvador. His father, Vasco Mendes de Almeida - whom I met in the hotel corridors in Brescia and spoke to him for a while - asked the Portuguese TV Caraslindas to do a documentary on his son in order to show his progress, that was in July 2000 (we have a copy of the tape). You can see Salvador's pictures on my website If you wish to have more information from the American patients under laser treatment, you can contact:
    Keisha Forrest:
    Daniel Ahr:
    Eric Texley:

    You are welcome to visit my clinic, most of my patients speak and are English. I hope you will accept my invitation. You will be able to notice and hear from the patients' words what they recovered since they are coming for the laser treatment. The next laser generation is almost finished and I hope to have more significant results, the laser is funded by the French State.
    Best wishes.


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    Hi, Albert. It was good to put a face to all the emails that we have been exchanging. Wise.

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    Hi Albert,
    Are you training any personnel to administer your laserpuncture therapy in the U.S.? Or are there already doctors working in clinics in the U.S. who are using your therapy?

    It would be nice if you would spell out, in semi-layman's terms, exactly what you believe your therapy does, scientifically speaking, to regenerate the spinal cord. Do you claim to be able to make a paralyzed person regain bladder/bowel control, regain sensation, or even to walk again? Thanks

    Also, are you saying that your work is subsidized by the French government? You mention the "next generation," can you elaborate? If you have time to answer my questions, you can respond in an email if you'd like, mine is

    Thanks again, Dr. Bohbo

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    Dear rdf,

    I'll try to answer your questions.
    At the moment I'm not training any personnel to administer the laserpuncture therapy in the US, not yet. The laser is used in France at the Chateau Gaillard only.
    Laser does not regenerate the spinal cord, the injury stays the same, the messages coming from the brain jump the injured site. We have already lost 10 years for an experimental protocol which could have given results.
    Below more explanations (my abstract at the Italy meeting):

    Laserpuncture is an alternative treatment to improve the after-effects of a spinal cord injury (SCI) with a perspective to recover motor, sensitive and visceral functions (bladder, bowels, etc.).

    This technique is split up into two principles:

    A -The device - Technical principle:
    It is a specific infrared laser based on specific requirements and manufactured by the ENSAM (National Engineering School of Arts and Crafts) and funded by the ANVAR (National Agency for the Development of Research). This laser has already been the object of evaluations during the experimental protocol at the Regional Universitary Hospital Center (CHRU) of Jules COURMONT in Lyon-Sud, service of Professor Maurice BOUVIER. No side-effect were observed on more than 700 patients treated with laser according to a double-blind protocol versus placebo.

    B - The network - Fundamental principle:
    During our first research, we wondered if the classic acupunctural network was open or closed. Reading the old acupuncture Chinese texts, we acquired the conviction that the classic acupunctural network represented only a tiny part of the whole acupunctural network. Thus, according to our own criteria we established a neo-cartography of points that can be activated with the laser.

    C - The phenomenom of the propagated sensation along the canals:
    To show the interaction between laser and the neo-cartography we elaborated, we had to observe a coherent phenomenon, that can be repeated and described on every case studied. We found it by using the phenomenon of the propagated sensation along the canals (PSC). This PSC would have been at the origin of acupuncture. It corresponds to the sensation of something spreading or flowing according to a linear route reproducing the partial or total course of a meridian, or a group of meridians, or collateral visceral branches specifically. The PSC follows the route of meridians traditionally described in 80 % of the cases. Variations were observed:
    - There is no sudden change in the route followed
    - Communications can be observed between the canals and the transfer from one to another.

    The sensation of flowing has a width of 1 to 2 cm at the limbs level and 10 cm or so at the trunk level. The speed of this sensation can vary, generally from a couple of centimetres to 20 centimetres per second. This propagation can be done in both ways from the stimulated point. The speed is increased by local warmness and decreased by coldness. In complete transections of the spinal cord, it disappears. This PSC is unquestionably linked to the nervous system. But the peripheral nervous system is not the only one involved. For some, the cortex would be the most important level, a reproduction of the canalar network that must exist in the neuronal cortical network, in the same way that the cortical representation exists in the 4 area (W. Penfiel and Rasmusen, it would be interesting to identify the area where the network graph is in the cortical.)

    The coherent and repeated descriptions by patients of different levels of injury, who do not always speak French lead us to conclude that the laser entered in resonance with the network used. It allowed the spinal cord injured individuals to communicate precisely with the part of their body under the injury.

    Added to this ability of identifying the different parts of the body under the injury, a phenomenon of skin polarization appears as soon as the laser is applied on a point. It appears under the shape of a skin rubefaction with a dermography - "the white line" - when a line is slightly drawn on the skin with the nail.

    We evoked the release of a sub-cutaneous generalized neurotransmitter, the histamin (?), which has been revealed by the associated action of the laser and network. The cutaneous surface has an important role to play because it is the mediator between the laser emission and the underlying canalar network located in the hypodermic area. The crossing of information between the canalar network and the brain is done through the dermatomes which are the projection of spinal cord segments on the cutaneous surface.

    Moreover, the descriptions of the phenomena felt and described by paraplegic and quadriplegic when the laser is on, whether it be above or under the injury, lead us to ponder on the conductive role of the skin nervous impulse by a way different that the neuronal electro-chemical one, and also ponder on a spreading in any sense of the nervous impulse and not only according to the axis-dendrite-axon-synapse.We also considered a neuro-endocrinous stimulation at a particle level during the laser activation on the network and the treated points. But only an experimental protocol lead according to scientific rules recognized by the international scientific community will allow to confirm or invalidate all these observations.

    As for the results, they are already obtained. We have a videotape dating back from 1992-93 showing the results of a Michael, who was a C3-C8 quadriplegic and fully recovered. The tape is in Audur's hands at the moment, the lady responsible for the WHO's worldwide database (

    Concerning the subsides, my works are indeed subsidized by the French government. The ANVAR (National Agency for the Development of Research) and Bourgogne Reseau are State organizations helping me financially. The next generation of laser will more efficient and shorten the treatment in time. It will be computer assisted which will allow to follow patient after patient and create a common database for all the patients.

    We hope to organize with the help of ANVAR and Bourgogne Reseau and the Burgundy region a congress on the spinal cord research in 2003. The project has just been launched, we'll keep the forum informed.

    Hope to have answered your question,

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