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Thread: ADA compliant toilet issues

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    ADA compliant toilet issues

    We just remodeled our father in law is amazing. all tile wheel in shower, wheel in sink, jacuzzi tub with transfer bench that is the easiest transfer I make all week.....only problem was with the ADA toilet. it was too high and i could not crap or balance enough to wipe. my legs were way out under me and felt like i was trying to poop standing up....awkward as hell. Anybody else come across this? my 3 year old twins have step stools to use the sink and i used my grabber to move them to prop my feet up and instant unload. put in a regular toilet and back on my BP....stuck with a "wheelchair" crapper in my garage, if anyone wants it .

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    Yes, this can be a problem. At the SCI center where I work we had to make sure that the toilets were installed (wall hung) at the minimum ADA height, or we could not fit rolling shower/commodes over them, nor use them safely with raised toilet seats that allow good access for doing dig stim and other bowel care. The ADA standards are a compromise of what is needed for people with a variety of disabilities, not just SCI. You of course are not required in install it that way in your own home.


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    If you shop around, you can find toilets that have a floor to lip height of 16.5" or 17.5". Kohler used to make both. I believe standard height is about 15".
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

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