Hi everyone. i have found this site extremely helpful in researching info about my friend's injury. He was a T11 vertebral rupture after being hit by a drunk driver 5 weeks ago.He has no anal sensation nor genitalia sensation. He does, however, have normal bladder sensation. While he has no function in the legs, only spasms, he does have infrequent sensation. He definitely complained of "bone pain" when his PT accidentally knocked his toes into the wall while in his wheelchair. From what I can read on this site, he is considered a complete injury since he has no function of sacral regions? Even though he has random sensation in his legs? Oh yea, he feels wedgies of his pants too LOL He spent 2 weeks in ICU and 1 week in step down. He is now in rehab. he is still a bit limiting learning to transfer, etc as he had an arm fracture which has yet to be cleared.
We watched a video on the Parastep today. anyone with any experience with this?
Him and his wife are looking to build a home. I have been trying to research maybe modular homes which are specific to accessibility, thinking this might be the quickets way to build. Any thoughts?

Thanks so much!