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Thread: EasyStand 5000 Complete Excellent Condition $1075 Shipped!

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    Please see eBay listing

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    $500 for shipping?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rdf View Post
    $500 for shipping?
    Yes, I know that is ridiculous, but that is what I am being quoted. UPS actually wanted over 1000! Stupid! There is a company called Monster Freight that has given me the best deal so far. I would be able to ship it for $450 if it sold through this site, but there is only one day left on the ebay auction. Ebay charges a 9% fee now on all shipping costs. This was just implemented within the past month. I don't see how anyone can make a profit as a seller on ebay anymore.

    When I 1st listed this here, I figured I could ship it for less than $100. I found out right away that wasn't going to happen. It is 42x26x44 collapsed down and 130lbs without any packaging weight added on to that. The problem with it is the "dim weight" or dimensional weight which works out to be like 250 lbs. Plus the fact that you can not stack anything else on top of it, and it works out to be in an expensive classification for shipping. Feel free to call around and find a better rate, but I assure you, the best I found for across the country is $450.

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    Ebay bidder backed out of the sale. Go figure! I have also been talking with the guy at Monster Freight. He worked out the shipping to qualify as a better class if I do a couple things differently which means better a shipping quote. The last quote I got was from WA to NY and it was for $350. Still a lot, but getting better. If I sell it here, I don't have to deal with the ebay charges either. The closer you are to WA should reduce the shipping costs too. I essentially want $800 for the standing frame + whatever the shipping ends up being. I don't mind getting actual quotes for anyone that PMs me.

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    how would like to know if you still have this equipment. Need to know ASAP I'm not just looking I'm ready to buy, thank you very much

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    would like to know if you still have it if so please contact me ASAP. My e-mail address is:
    or you can call me directly 864-558-1448 or you can e-mail me your phone number and I will contact you directly.
    Hope to talk to you soon

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    Are you still selling this? I was looking for the glider kind, but for the price I am considering this instead. Please get in touch either with C.C. or call, text, or email.
    Thanks for your time,
    Aaron Stanley

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    How to ship something this oddly shaped?

    Hello, I'm sorry to break into your thread, but I'm wondering how in the world you might ship something like this.

    I've got an EasyStand 5000 that I'd like to put up for sale in Portland, OR, I'm not really looking to profit or anything, but would like to get my mother a fair deal. It was my fathers, who was a T-6 para.

    I definitely don't want screw someone over in the shipping of something that can be so useful.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Do you still have EasyStand 5000?

    Do you still have EasyStand 5000?

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    I am interested, in the Denver area. for 73 year old female, SCI injury 3 years ago. Please call 303-6700-0186

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