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Thread: nursing homes

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    nursing homes

    I'm a 32 year old incomplete quadriplegic. I currently reside in a nursing home in Daphne, AL and want to move to the Pensacola or Destin area. I currently have no other options but nursing homes but do have a degree in CIS and have worked as a quad. I want to go back to work in Florida but need to ensure a place of living before I can accept any job offers. One problem is that I have to be living in Florida to receive Medicaid there (apparantly I've used up Medicare) and am having a hard time finding any intermediary to pay for the nursing home while I'm in limbo. A second problem is that I've tried calling nursing homes, stating my age and condition, and asking to send my information over for them to review without receiving a negative response. If they do accept information I usually receive a response along the lines of: my medicine list is too long; they don't have activities for me (by law they must have activities for every resident--I can bring my own computer!); I'm not 55 or older (another constraint however can be fudged); they can't handle the level of care needed; and so on... I've tried using to no avail. Does anyone know a different tactic in evoking nursing home acceptance?

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    If you're going to be using Medicaid funds, those need to be administered through the state you live in, and they will authorize your placement in the facility. I would recommend you contact the senior and disability services office in the county that you want to reside in, and ask about their intake process.

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    Most states require at least 30 days residency to become Medi-Caid eligible. You might find a nursing home who would take you private pay if you have that kind of money (would probably run around $4500+ for a month) but I suspect you do not as otherwise you would not be Medi-Caid eligible.

    If there is anyway at all that you can do this move without going directly nursing home to nursing home, that should be your plan. Family who could go with you and provide your care until you can get Medicare waiver attendant funding might be an option, but my understanding is that this is extremely difficult to arrange and get approved for in Florida.

    I would recommend that you contact the ILC closest to where you plan to live and see if they have ideas or resources for you for getting out of an institutional living situation all together.

    Nursing homes rarely are eager to take people with SCI. Not only do they have fairly high care needs (they won't do intermittent cath, for example) but they also know that people with SCI are alert and oriented and have no problems advocating for themselves and complaining when they get poor care. In my experience, folks with SCI usually are doing the same for the other nursing home residents by about their 3rd day there, so they are seen overall as "trouble makers" by the powers that be.


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    You do not say why a nursing home is your only option. Nor do you day what your level of injury is, other than the fact that you are an incomplete quad.

    What level of independence are you capable of? You may have other options if you think creatively. Have you lived outside of a nursing home since your injury?--eak

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    Your last paragraph is a real eye-opener, KLD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Peter View Post
    Your last paragraph is a real eye-opener, KLD.
    Appalling as well.

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    Wow!!! I am extremely impressed by the quickness, number, and quality of responses to my post at this site! Thanks for the contact ideas SCI-Nurse and anban, I will try these immediately. Why do you suggest trying to do something different than going from nursing home to nursing home SCI-Nurse? I am a C4-C6 incomplete quad who has movement of arms but not fingers to answer your question ekephart. I lived with my parents until they could no longer take care of me and am too disabled to live in an assisted living home without help--which I currently have none of.

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    If you have desire to go back to work and would like to move, vocational rehabilitation services may be able to assist. do you, or have you ever had a case open? when I lived in a nursing home, it was vocational rehabilitation that assisted me until my medicaid could get transferred to the county I was moving to finish school at out of the nursing home. this might be trickier from a state to state issue, but never say never. .

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    Hi 73RR,

    Quote Originally Posted by 73roadrunner
    Why do you suggest trying to do something different than going from nursing home to nursing home SCI-Nurse?
    I believe it's because:

    Quote Originally Posted by Nurse KLD
    Most states require at least 30 days residency to become Medi-Caid eligible.
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    I live in a nursing home in NYC w/ other SCI patients and its true you get labeled bcuz, u ask for them to clean u rite, or spk up 4 urself. Its hard to get out of the nursing home sys. once your in too since apts are limited and even harder w/-out family n friends to help. Ive been in that place 2yrs 5mths no place to choose to live as a adult, hopefully in 2mths i move out. But it is kinda easier to get in tho, since medicaid pays top dollar for the care of a quad...Like the Nurse said best bet is to go back into the community. Try to get ur own aid(s), n live your life you way
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