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Thread: wheelchair cushion covers

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    wheelchair cushion covers

    When I got my own first Quickie manual chair years back I had a camouflage cushion cover made in same blues.

    It was made by Wheeliefactor in uk. I checked their website address but the site isn't there now and I rang number embroided into cushion and keep getting 'line unobtainable' I'm thinking maybe they shut down or gone out of business.

    Anyone know of anywhere else that does these? either UK based or will ship to UK?

    I wanted one with dark reds/pinks in to match my new chair coming in June.



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    Yea heard good things about these guys.

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    Cool thanks,the guy has offered to make me a custom one if I send a striped towel for the towelling top!

    Found one with pinks/reds on eBay so gonna send him it when it arrives to make one for me!

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