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Thread: how to put socks/shoes on myself? c5-c6

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    how to put socks/shoes on myself? c5-c6

    wasn't sure where to put this
    working on getting close to doing everything on my own. wondering how to get socks on. shoes i can get on but obviously cant tie them. spandex laces were hard to. i'm gunna check out a pair of slip ons next.

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    To be honest I wasn't sure myself the best forum for your question but this seemed logical to me !

    Let's see how it goes !

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    Have you tried ankle socks? I know some people do not care to wear them but they were much easier for me to get on my feet. As for longer socks I just bought them a little bigger than i needed and I use my thumbs to get them on.

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    You can sew loops onto the top edge of socks and use a dressing stick to get them on. Also, many find using a quad wheelchair push cuff on both hands when applying socks is helpful to use to push the sock up your foot. Usually this is easiest if you lay on your back and flex you hip/knee in a crossed position. Put socks on before putting on slacks.

    For shoes, try using those that have Velcro closures. Elastic laces can be difficult.

    Do you have a good OT you could work with on these skills?


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