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Thread: Frog Legs Bearing Problem

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    Frog Legs Bearing Problem

    The bearing in the caster housing is starting to seize. How do I replace it? Can I do it myself? What kind of bearing? Thanks for your help.
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    Here's an article about changing bearings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chasmengr View Post
    Here's an article about changing bearings.
    Thank you for the link but the Frog Legs are different from a regular caster barrel. I don't want to take it apart before I know I can do it myself.
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    very easy to do it, just hit the inside spacer and one caster will come out, after that hit the other.

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    I think this is in reference to the internal fork bearings of the FL suspension fork.

    The parts guide doesn't list the bearings as identified with a part #. I've taken mine apart a few times, though. Needs good hand function to compress elastomer when reassembling.

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