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Thread: would squats stretch out or tighten up already tight hamstrings and calve muscles?

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    would squats stretch out or tighten up already tight hamstrings and calve muscles?

    I'm a c2 incomplete quad for 20 years. I use a power chair. My right side is strongest so I favor that side and have some scoliosis but not terribly bad. I assume doing everything to the right adds to my tight leg, that has been constantly tight for about two years. But finally I started getting serious pain in my lower abdomen and back early mornings, referred pain from my tight leg.

    I got an intense massage to loosen my right leg muscles up and it helped greatly. I do walk short distances with a walker once a day and that helps.

    Before the pain kicked in over a month ago I was working on and progressing in physical exercise, one being squats.

    I want to start again but am cautious thinking that squats might tighten my leg muscles. Please tell me if squats will tighten or loosen.

    Thank you,

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    squats work thighs, hamstrings, and glutes(butt)....doing them wont loosen the muscle....any muscle u work is contracting(tightening)... your hamstrings will tighten/shorten not only from sitting alot, but because of low abs and low back weakness .. your best bet is to stretch often
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    Thank you. So squats will make my hamstrings tighter? that stinks. i know stretching is best but it's difficult when you can't do it yourself. i'm working on a pulley system that i can do it with. Do you know if fes helps loosen tight muscles? it seems to help me some.

    also thank you for your exercise site, good motivation, i hope you keep developing the site.


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    if u can do squats, do em... u can stretch ur hamstrings right from in your chair......just put your foot onto a chair, bed, sofa..then back your wheelchair up till your leg straightens...lean forward, head to knees, try to touch your toes... do 1 leg at a time... both legs up at same time is harder ..use a stretch-out-strap wrapped around your foot(ball of foot) and pull on it....will bring your toes towards you for a better stretch..on my exercise blog for sale if u need/cant find one
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    It's funny you mentioned that because has I read your post my feet are elevated and a strap and rope with a handle to pull my foot up. I need to take a photo or start doing videos so others can suggest how to do it better or more effetively and help others like you are. But a question for right now, when I pull my foot / toes up to stretch out my leg, how long should I hold it up? How many sets / reps?

    Thank you,

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