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Thread: Quickie 2 Folding Model

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    Quickie 2 Folding Model

    I'm a C5/6 Quad and have the above decked out model as a back-up chair. I prefer a lightweight rigid. If anyone wants to trade or donate an older but CLEAN rigid chair, I would be most thankful. I am seeking to build strength to propel myself and transfer unaided. Keep me in mind when you are due a new chair. I gave my last powerchair to a 16 yr old boy with a new injury and I received more than I gave. mark

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    I'm having the granddaughter check, and she didn't see a designation saying HP. Are there certain assets that would identify one? mark

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    Hi Mark both wheelchairs have x frame folding sides

    The possible differences between the 2 is pretty simple my HP2 has one has a single flip up foot ( Plate )rest

    and the Q2 just has the 2 folding separate foot rests ( pads )

    I just was looking @ the specs specs from sunrise

    Your Q2 looked like a newer version of mine .

    My HP2 is a older style that's all ..... I keep it as a backup because it is a folding frame .

    E bay has some nice lightweight rigids very affordable imop .

    I'll be looking for you ...
    Good luck Sincerely ; GL

    I seen Titanium ones on E Bay

    What are your measurments / specs you need ? Frame / Seat Dump / size etc... Plenty of that info here SCI-OTR and others are great @ this stuff.

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    GL,mine has 2 swing-aways for feet. I sit on a Ride custom 18x17 seat, but the bottom overall depth is greater. I'm looking for 2-3" of dump to compensate for trunk control and 85`on front frame angle. Back heigth adjustable and foldable. Would like a Z-like frame instead of boxed frame. One more thing, 2-4` of camber and would like to fit under a table. mark

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