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Thread: if one more mental health couns tells me a quad can't have a baby

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    if one more mental health couns tells me a quad can't have a baby

    i am going to scream more than i just did at him (and, if he thought that was screaming, he needs new line of work). he said, hey, wait a minute, you say you have 18 yr old yet have been quadriplegic 25 yrs? uh yeah, DUH. when i asked his def of quad, oh obvious, no use of arms or legs. and a quad can't carry a baby to term. wtf are these ppl?? are they educated at all?? geez. "i'm a mental health counselor" ergo i need know nothing bout disabilities. i could literally scream at any facility that certifies this mentality. lord help the hapless quad who runs across them and believes their uneducated spiel.

    is this 2011 or 1911??

    and yeah, guy, hope you took my advice and looked at this site. am sick of ppl judging me, calling me a liar, etc. educate yourself.
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    By your raction it sounds like he won't make that mistake took you to open his eyes momma.

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    you go cass! really did ur uterus fall out when u had ur sci? i do not understand ppl in these attitudes
    "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"

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    Was gonna say "whoa, what did I say??" but realized you meant it figuratively,, I hope. signed, Guy.

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    I think I am lucky if I meet a doctor or a nurse who knows what a spinal cord injury is. My daughter learn nothing at all after three years of nursing school.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    I got cramps so bad today.

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    Cass I wish I could scream but my voice does not allow me to some people dont understand life and think because a lady is a quad she is not able to

    When I went to my Dr here I am with my feety in stirrups sheet draped over me and of all pops up lol looks at me and says all is good down there .....

    Crypticgimp your uterus comment and Bente , Jody holy Moly lol todat I feel like cow dung and every ones replies made me about bust a gut

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    The lack of basic education out there around SCI is shocking. As if having a SCI has anything to do with ovaries.......

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    You should have slapped him up side the head just so he would know you were able to still pick up a baby and told him it was a just an autonomic reflex that only happened when in the presence of stupid ignorant people.
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    I was very surprised a couple of years ago when I was talking to a friend of ours; she's in her 80's. I mentioned that another friend, who has been paraplegic since she was a little girl, had a 12 year old child. Her response was "but why, if she doesn't have any feeling down there?" I realized that she couldn't imagine a woman might want to have sex at all - or a child - if she couldn't have an orgasm. Subsequently, a different friend pointed out to me that a large proportion of "normal" women around the world never have one, either.
    - Richard

    ps: I like Daisy's response!

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