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Thread: leg twitching affecting my marriage - help!!

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    leg twitching affecting my marriage - help!!

    My twitching legs have gotten so much worse this past year. Heck, even this past week! I just don't know what else to try. Any suggestions would be wonderful. My poor husband ends up going out on the couch most nights so that he can have some decent sleep.

    The twitching isn't described so much as violent jerks, but more like a fast bouncing up & down. It can last just a couple of seconds to quite a bit longer - 15-20 seconds maybe, then the legs calm down for a few minutes before starting in again.

    Sleeping on my sides helps a little, but I will twitch no matter what position I am lying in. I don't find myself twitching during the day in my wheelchair however.

    I have tried: flexeril, requip, klonopin, and a couple of others that I don't remember. I have also supplemented my baclofen with 6mg brand-name zanaflex capsules (doc claims that the brand name capsules have no equivalent generic yet, and work better than regular non-capsule pills).

    I currently take a 50mg dose of baclofen at bedtime (plus 20mg in the morning and 20 mg a little after lunch.

    I sometimes sleep thru the twitching, and sometimes it's heavy enough that it wakes me up.

    Any suggestions would be more than welcome!

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    Have you tried eliminating all caffine from your diet? Coffee, Tea, Soft drinks, and (I hate to say this) chocolate?

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    Umay want to discuss getting a pump which work more effectively
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    Several years back I started taking wellbutrin for anxiety and I started having spasms like crazy. I went back to the doctor to get something to help with the spasms and he sent me to a neuropsychiatrist. That doctor talked to me for a short time and discussed my meds. Then he weaned me off wellbutrin and onto Lexapro. He said that Wellbutrin could cause spinal seizures in some people. He was right. My spasms went back to 'normal'. So, it could be caused by a change, or increase in medications. Just a thought...

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    Stretch before going to bed.
    Change your position often.
    Get dual mattresses?
    Not a fan of increasing your drugs till you find out what in your night routine is increasing the spasms. Could easily be rough sheets.
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    It could be many things and is not always easy to pinpoint the cause. I would start with yoru doctor who is familiar with you and then possibly a neurologist. I don't really know if the pump would be more effective for baclofen in this case. Keep us posted.


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    Neuronton or sleep apnea, but betting on a nerve quietner

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    hi, my suggestion is, if you could stand up (standing position) at least 45 min or 1hr just before go to bed, this kind of posture help me to reduces and eliminates the spasms for many hours.

    btw. Don't you have constipation trouble?

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    Wow!! Thanks so much for all the input I have tried stretching before going to bed, and my husband says that sometimes I seem to spasm worse when I do that.

    I've discussed this with my neurologist quite a few times. He's had me try quite a few different medications (requip, flexeril, klonopin, more baclofen, add zanaflex, etc.). So I feel like he has really tried most of the stuff that's out there, ugh. I didn't know if anyone else had this same issue or had any tips on overcoming it.

    I change positions quite often. Laying on my side used to "cure" it, but now I twitch quite a bit there too. Slightly less perhaps than when lying on my back, but it's still a ton.

    Neurontin might be worth trying. I used that for a bit when I had my shingles outbreaks, and I don't remember offhand if my twitching lessened during that time. It would be worth looking into tho since so many other things haven't helped!

    And I might try standing upright for as long as I can before bed. It can't hurt to test it out, and it's good for me too!

    BTW, I have secondary progressive MS and also an extensive (t4-sacrum) spinal fusion for scoliosis & flatback. Some of the symptoms of those things overlap. I'm in a powerchair for the majority of the day, tho I can still walk very short distances (i.e. to toilet) with heavy dependence on my walker.

    Thanks again for the help, and any other suggestions would be appreciated!

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    In the olden days we would try 'frogging' our legs to prevent spasticity. Bend legs at the knee with feet together, then lay each leg out flat. Not a great description, but the bent legs into reduced specificity.
    Be sure to put some support under each knee to relieve pressure on the hips.

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