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Thread: Anyone out there consider tubeless tires for an off road handcycle?

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    Anyone out there consider tubeless tires for an off road handcycle?

    Anyone considered running their off road handcycle with Tubeless tires?
    I am being given an off road/on road hybrid bike to use (still trying to get $ or a grant for a suspension bike) and I need to buy wheels and am going for 29ers. Since I am a pretty new injury (November T12) I was really into biking before. I went tubeless 3 years ago and have only had 1 flat. I previously had a flat or more every other week for many years. Tubeless is the way to go for regular bikes.

    With a recumbent trike design I wonder if cornering will roll the tires off of the bead since you don't really bank corners any more. Or are the cornering forces not so high in one of these?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!


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    I've looked at tubeless for street chair, but all I've seen is that you can't put as much pressure in them. Same deal with off road. The thing I would look at for the off road cycle is when you slide and stick on corners, or the thing hops sideways. Is there enough pressure and rim depth to keep the tire seated. Maybe get hold of a couple of the companies that make the kits and ask for freebies to test.

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