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Thread: Van inadmissibe nto Canada/Geneva SVS, inc. can't be found

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    Van inadmissibe nto Canada/Geneva SVS, inc. can't be found

    Hi there,
    I hope someone can help, I've been struggling with this matter since February. I bought this van from the USA, brought it into Canada, found out it's considered modified and not on the list of admissibility...the link is below

    Companies have to put themselves on this list voluntarilly. The company that was the second stage manufacturer was GENEVA SVS, INC. and I can only find old information on this company, and think maybe they changed their name. Transport Canada needs Geneva svs, inc. to forward the information that would comply with Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. My problem is that I can't find GENEVA SVS, INC.
    If anyone has any ideas please let me know.
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    I searched google, and found reference to Geneva Luxury Motor Vans. Don't know if it's the same company or not. Several sites claim to sell their conversion parts, but I couldn't find a link to the company itself. If you contact one of the parts sellers, maybe they can provide contact info. Good luck
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    I looked at the has Genevasvs on it and their G logo everywhere...I think it's done through GMC as it's on the interior as well embossed/stiched in the sides etc.
    Thanks for your help...I'll look them up as well, just the fact it's reachable helps

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    its a "gladiator" converted by glaval.....maybe ?
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