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I am new to the Care Cure website and joined because my son has been a member for several years. I am his caregiver/mom and have been doing so since his accident in 2004. Sometimes it is difficult to separate yourself from the mom role. I have to let my son make his choices and take a step back. I do know that having Austen at home, he is getting the very best of care. He is moody, cranky, and doesn't smile much. That is hard for me and I try to understand what he is going through. His life was yanked away from him at 24 and he is angry. All I can do is love and care for him.
My Mom and I had the same problems. Mom would treat me like I still lived at home, even though I didn't. She'd insist that I not stay out past 10pm, she constantly was telling me how to decorate my apartment, she'd get mad at me if I didn't check in with her often while I was out and about, etc. It eventually got on my nerves so much that I didn't want a caregiver at all, not even Mom. But, like I mentioned in my previous post, Mom was just extremely worried about me and wanted to make sure I was safe. Especially since I am the only one of us 3 kids who is disabled. Mom told me that she would back off some from the "mom role", but would always be extra cautious for me, because I was her "unique child" as she called it. Mom has seen me go through a lot in the past 11 years: being diagnosed with SP in 2001 (having been undiagnosed for practically my whole life), having a epileptic seizure that didn't stop on its own that caused some damage to my frontal lobes in 2002, get injured on a camping trip and now have a L 4-5 SCI in 2006, and almost die from severe complications from a total colectomy back in 2008. But, I am glad that she is there for me.