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Thread: Are there any mothers who are taking care of their chil with sci in nc or va?

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    Are there any mothers who are taking care of their chil with sci in nc or va?

    My mother has moved here to Raleigh from va beach to help me. We have a good time and we are best friends. But I know shed love to hang out socially especially someone she can relate to. I want her to get out and haw fun!

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    I take care of my 19 year old son who is an incomplete C-2. I live in Chesapeake, VA so was much closer before she moved to Raleigh. VA Beach is just down the road (everything is when you live in the sticks).--eak

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    Well she goes home to va beach on the weekends

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    I am a caregiver taking care of my husband - and live in Raleigh. PM me!

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    I am the caregiver to my son Robbie, he is 15 and a T4 complete. We live in Richmond VA. Would be happy to chat with you or your mom.

    There is also a chapter of NSCIA in NC, that may be a good place for both of you.

    You are a good daughter!

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    Thank you so much! She's been through a lot and I just want her to be happy

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    I am new to the Care Cure website and joined because my son has been a member for several years. I am his caregiver/mom and have been doing so since his accident in 2004. Sometimes it is difficult to separate yourself from the mom role. I have to let my son make his choices and take a step back. I do know that having Austen at home, he is getting the very best of care. He is moody, cranky, and doesn't smile much. That is hard for me and I try to understand what he is going through. His life was yanked away from him at 24 and he is angry. All I can do is love and care for him.

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    I have been my daughter's caregiver. Her accident was 5 years ago last month. My daughter will be 22 this month. We just moved from Washington to Arizona - lots of adjustments. All you can do is love them & encourage them to live their life in spite of their injuries.

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    My son is 24, C6/7. He plays wheelchair rugby and involves with the disability sports. He also goes to the rehab. center to talk to newly injury. I also often invite his friends over to our house for BBQ or dinner.
    Getting moody and cranky is normal for all of us, but we (all) should learn about other feeling. The mother is a human and we can take so much but we would not want our children to become so cranky and moody to the point that no one want to be around.
    Draw you line !!!!

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    My mom used to be my caregiver back in 2007-2008, before she was diagnosed with Hepatitis C and severe vertigo.
    It was good and bad to have a parent as a caregiver. It was good that I had someone I knew taking care of me, and that she knew how to do certain things (like how to change an ostomy appliance, change an adult diaper, or operate a feeding pump) in care we traveled (plus, she could teach my other relatives how to do this stuff as well). But.... when Mom was taking care of me, she treated me like I still lived at home, even in my own apartment. We argued about that a lot, until Mom explained that she was constantly worried about me when I was out and about. She told me that she was afraid that I'd get hurt or have a medical situation and wouldn't be able to get help. I eventually had to tell Mom not to worry about me and that I was only a cell phone call away. That helped smooth out the parent-caregiver relationship. Eventually, we had to go through a caregiving agency, because Mom got too ill to take care of me on her own.

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