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Thread: what to make of this

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    what to make of this one day they are for it and the next?'

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    (Speaking on behalf of Greenpeace, Christoph Then, a former campaigner with the organisation, said a ruling in its favour would not be the end of stem cell research, but that certain claims in patents, such as those relating to cloning, would be revoked.
    "We want clarification that the industrial and commercial use of human embryos is not encouraged. There needs to be some kind of specific protection for human embryos in European patent law," he said.)

    Hopefully the European courts don't find the need for changing patent protection for the research. Misuse of the patent office I'd say!
    The whole sherade sounds pretty frivilous and silly to me. People against hESC use will use any conceivable measure to stifle the progress and limit the cell lines available...
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