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Thread: Bra Issues

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    is it possible the spasms may be triggered by tight bra band?
    i'm a woman with c5 incomplete sci from 1970.
    several years ago i starting having autonomic dysreflexia symptoms that were being triggered by pressure from clothing and jewelry. it wasn't an immediate onset of symptoms, but after several hours of wearing anything tight that put pressure on my skin ( a bra, an elastic waistband, ring, watch) i'd start to get the pounding headache and the flushed skin that precede a full a.d. episode. as soon as i removed the tight items, the symptoms would stop.
    i looked for a long time and finally found i could tolerate wearing a cotton nursing bra by lamaze, in a size larger than i would normally wear.
    it provides adequate support, but not too much pressure on my skin, is comfortable for all day wear.
    a side benefit is that it slips on easily over my head and arms and is much easier to
    put on and take off, plus it stays cool, unlike most bra fabrics.
    very comfortable, wish i'd known about this bra when i was actually nursing my two children, 21 and 18 years ago... ; )
    here's link to description/photo on amazon:

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    Some bras now have a thin transparent "rubbery-band" material along the lower band that does a great job. I no longer think about my bra throughout the day because it stays put.

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