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Thread: New zra s2-need input please!!!

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    New zra s2-need input please!!!

    Hi Gang,

    so i got my new wheels recently (see link above). i made some frame dimension changes from my old chair dimensions though. as we all know, when you do this, you may run into some unforseen snags.

    i kept the 16x16 seat dimensions but i did away with the 2 inch frame extension from my old chair to mke the chair more tight. well now its a b*$#% to transfer to because my feet slip off the footrest. I'm trying to diagnose the problem. I first would like to try re-profiling my side guards to allow for my transfer board to get right up against my wheel. Anybody out there ever cut carbon fiber side guards before?! If that doesn't help then I guess the only reason I can't transfer is because I need some of that frame extension to allow for the foot rest to be further forward. Has anybody ever had to buy just a new frame with no hardware or foot rest or backrest? If so how much did it cost and was it smooth sailing to transfer all of the hardware from the old frame to the new frame?

    Any info or suggestions is much appreciated!!!

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    Hey Keith~ The photos require a password or something. I think it we could see the photos folks could give you some feedback.
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    don't get too excited. from my experience talking to people (albeit limited) 90% of people hate a new chair once they get it simply because it's different from their last one. Then within a couple days or weeks they come to love it. The difference you describe sounds like positive changes, you will love your tighter turning radius.

    I take it the sideguards are non-removable. Could you not un-bolt them and re-position them further back? If you do end up cutting them be sure to wear a mask of some kind. Last time I cut carbon fiber (with a cut-off wheel on a dremel) I was coughing up black stuff for 2 days.

    As for transfers, do you think it's possible you will get used to your feet being off the footrest? Most people I've seen transfer take their feet off prior to transfer. You could attempt to turn around the footrest if you cannot get used to it.

    I think you are just feeling some frustration that the learning curve of a new chair challenges everyone with. I would give it a few days and try some different techniques. It will be frustrating but in the long run you will be glad you held off and applied some different skills/techniques/problem solving to maintain the current build of your chair.

    Good luck!

    ps- for reference I paid $6800 out of pocket for my current chair and HATED it when I got it because I could not wheelie. It is completely non-adjustable and I was royally pissed. I problem-solved it by loosening my backrest upholstery and staying in it, I got used to it and have come to love it even more. Now I refuse to even use my old chair (a ZRa S1 that I absolutely loved when using it)

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    Try getting some grip tape as used on skateboards and putting it on your footrest and see if your feet stay put better.
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    Thanks for your suggestions! See new post for pics that work!

    Tooley-after cutting your guards, what did you use to cover the edges again? Mine were from adi and their edging is nice. As far as the new chair jitters go, i like the new set up and am pretty happy but this is definitely an issue i need to solve b/c i dont have enough surface area for the t board. It actually encroaches on the area where anybodys legs would need to be. If i keep them off my body wont slide across. Its like the legs pin me unless they are on the foot rest.


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