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Thread: FINALLY... NHS have ordered my new chair!

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    Smile FINALLY... NHS have ordered my new chair!

    Its been a really long day!

    Ambulance transport turned up really early just after 11am for me (appointment was for 1pm).

    They wouldn't budge on the speed (i'd wanted 6mph version) cos the rules have now changed. I did mention other people I knew of that had been allowed (from powerchair forums) she said cos any vehicle over 4mph was now classed as a Class 3 road vehicle(I think previously only scooter/ chairs that did 8mph or above?) I still couldn't get the speed upgrade even if I opted for vouchers, so thought may as well let them pay for the whole thing then repairs are free too.

    They did agree to pay for indicators under 'clinical need' for health and safety purposes with me been deaf too, as I have to come off pavement early to get across some roads and they realised cars would see which way I was turning before I realised a car was behind me. The only way I could get higher speed was to pay full price £6,500 + for the entire chair myself and I can't afford it.

    One advantage was I get much better seating than I could afford to buy if I paid for full thing myself the seat back has the trunk and lateral (sides) support built in right up to my armpits and the cushion will be level 3 gel/memory foam to prevent pressure sores. The seating alone has a RRP of nearly £1,000. The lady agreed my legs were better supported with the full calf supports that come with the flip up footplate, so I got my flip up footplate in the end!

    It also has the seat riser and recline function for clinical need so it will be a good indoor chair and for getting to indoor appointments (doctors surgery etc hospital transport/taxi's)

    I have decided to keep a scooter for longer walks outdoors whilst I have my dog anyway, as she is getting on at 10 years old and sometimes like a ride home on the footplate!

    I have to go back one more time for fitting, make sure armrests are right height, swapping standard joystick knob for a special T-bar that allows you to rest your hand fully on it. I'll get one with nice big chunky buttons so can use regular joystick for driving for as long as possible, and minor chair adjustments so it hugs my back and provides full body support as I will be using it in taxi's etc it has to provide the same kind of protection as a car seat.

    The ambulance transport rules are just as bad though, as I need to go in manual chair to get there they will only take that one back with me and they wont take both even though manual one will fold and fit inbetween their seats, so after fitting I have to come home in manual chair and NHS will deliver my fitted chair to my house the next day (or within 5 days if appointment is before a weekend or bank holiday).

    So now have to wait roughly 2 months (6-8 weeks) for chair to be built for me and delivered to them! I should get it around June, it will be my first 'full time' power chair as my condition is progressive and went from been able to walk with stick, using one for distance etc


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    Good news that it is at least ordered.

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    What make and model is it Kati?

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    oh I forgot to say.. lol!.. just realised.. it is the Quickie Salsa M. They wouldn't fund the TDX and I wasn't gonna pay another £3,600 difference for only 4mph when the free one does exactly the same!

    Also it will have seat riser and the tilt/recline feature to rest in.

    I liked the frame design and controller better on the Salsa anyway.

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    Way to go Kat! I know oyu've been researching and agonizing about getting the proper chair to fit your needs. Sounds like you are going to bbe going to town, pun intended, for many years to come.

    Ya have to wonder about the rules and common sense. Not taking you and the two chairs is absolutley ridiculous. dang, you think they would go out of their way to accomadate a wonderful woman like you.

    Will be interesting to see it finally.

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    Katilea, as Patrick has noted, this has been such a long process of research and investigation for you, and I hope that this chair will work well for you in all ways - even those that you might not have anticipated! Best wishes to you always.

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    I know you still have a significant wait till the chair shows up, but it is great that it is approved and ordered. Still a lot of beautiful summer left by the time it shows up!

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    Thanks guys and thanks for the compliment Patrick!

    They won't even take you back in one chair if you didn't go in it! The woman said. When people have walked on ambulance (going for manual chair for distance) the ambulances also won't take person back in their new chair either. the clinic still has to arrange delivery.

    I'm sure they did when I got my first manual though. I had a loan chair the Invacare action 2000 (commonly known as the Sherman Tank!) when we realised my disability was going to be permanent I asked them to reassess me as I wanted a more sporty lightweight chair.

    I'm sure when It arrived I went in the loan chair and came back in my new one! (2005) so not sure when they changed the rules but it is daft yes.

    I was also told if they were picking you up for hospital appointment and you didn't say it was electric they would refuse to take you, you have to ring a number and tell them what model it is and ask if they will accept it, as they have a list of 'accepted chairs'... Possibly the ones that are easiest to work out how to tie down on with their system!

    Jus have to hope they update their lists as new models come out, as I'm meant to be seeing my Neuro again in September!

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