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    Today's Knowledge Explosion

    Wednesday, April 27, 2011
    Today's Knowledge Explosion


    For example in the future, regenerative medicine will enable individuals to use their own cells to grow solutions totally compatible with their bodies. In kidney dialysis alone, the federal government spends $27 billion a year. Kidney dialysis will soon be a larger cost than the entire NIH—yet regenerative medicine stands at the edge of making kidney dialysis an obsolete therapy. In addition, regenerative medicine is creating the potential for revolutionary breakthroughs for spinal cord injuries, cancer patients, and heart disease.

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    Manouli, kidney dsiease, liver disease, heart attack complications and yes spinal cord dysfyunction will all be addressed in the future. Eye site and deafness also. I think most of us realize this to be true. It is a matter of time. Hopefully we will see things materialize soon.

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    Manouli, thanks for the stuff you post here. I always orbit in to your contributions as they are most informative and full of HOPE!!!!!!! Keep up the stirling work. You are absolutly on my list to have a beer with when our sentence is over!

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