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Thread: My Dr. Says God is mad at me and thats why I have pain O.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by jody View Post
    holy cow
    That is a very judgemental statement. Baron never said she was a cow.
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    What if she's right?

    What if she's like Nostradamus's great great great granddaughter or something???

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    we're all fucked and going to hell then...

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    Quote Originally Posted by doha View Post
    Your DR need a DR

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    I agree with the majority on here find a new Dr. God is not mad at you by giving you pain. For anyone to say that is BS and for a DR to say that is a sin for sure. I am sure when you were told that you must have been shocked and saddened by such an idiotic statement.

    Yes we look up to physicians, they went thru years of medical training sorry you found one that misplaced her knowledge for stupidity.

    God is the ultimate healer, that's where you need to put ypur faith in.
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