Ummmmmm YEA...
I started to see a new GP, she does not practice pain meds, and I knew this, I just needed a new gp. I have another Dr. doing my pain meds. I told her my whole story ect. I swear that she told me that God was mad at me for something....maybe not for something currently, but in the past. THAT is why i have pain....This a "regular" gp, not from a clinic affiliated with and church or anything. She wants me to say the "lords prayer" many times a day. "I am a sinner, please forgive me for my sins". I was pretty shocked at this. I was nice to her as she was very nice to me and wrote out many referrals that I needed for a new neuro doc, sleep studies, ect. She didnt know what a physiatrist was though?....said i would have to find one and she would write out a referral for that too.
Like, I believe in God, I pray and stuff. Im kind of against organized religion for some personal issues. I have prayed many times for my pain to go away, or get better. It makes me feel better, but has had NO effect on my neuro pain.
geesh...Im SURE the pain has nothing to do with getting shot 5 times , my t10 shattered and my cord severed by a hot .45.
Is this lady crazy?
I feel like asking her for some of the meds she is on .(crack?)...they MIGHT make me feel a lil better....ya know? what would jesus do and all that?