Dear Dr.Young (I'm really hoping that this reaches you and if I have posted in the wqrong place can anyone help?),

I suffered a T10 fracture/dislocation injury back in July 10 and due to a head injury which I sustained at the same time, (which was the more critical of the two) and so I didn;t have any surgery to straighten my spine or decompress my cord. I do not know why the original hospital didn't MRI scan me but they assumed, using a CT scan, that I suffered a complete sever. My spine has fused thus compressing my spinal cord still and causes me such a lot of pain due to the shortening of my spine. I was on high doses of morphine for well over 4 months and while I certainly asked I didn't push any issues but now my fight is back.

I struggled to even get an MRI scan some 8 months after my injury so I fear that doctors will not be too forthcoming with surgical options even if they do exist.

Has any one else had surgery so long after their accident to decompress or straighten or insert metal or what ever as my heart is breaking at facing this life sentence of pain and discomfort.