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Thread: NIH-funded centers to assist rehabilitation researchers

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    NIH-funded centers to assist rehabilitation researchers

    NIH-funded centers to assist rehabilitation researchers

    The National Institutes of Health has provided approximately $30 million over a five year period to fund a network of centers to advance medical rehabilitation research. The centers provide researchers with access to new technologies and resources.

    The centers are located at: Stanford University; Children's National Medical Center in Washington, D.C.; University of California, San Diego; University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston; Boston University; Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago; and Dartmouth College and Simbex, Inc. in New Hampshire.

    The Medical Rehabilitation Research Network ( connects the research community with courses and workshops, research facilities, mentorship and consultations and with experts at the network centers. The network also provides researchers with small grants to test new ideas.

    The aim of rehabilitation research is to promote recovery, adaptation, and functioning for patients with disabilities resulting from stroke, spinal cord injury or brain injury, developmental or degenerative disorders, or other persistent physical conditions.

    The new network provides researchers with access to expertise in such areas as:


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    This is great news. Wise.

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