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Thread: Rewalk exoskeleton soon available

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    Rewalk exoskeleton soon available

    Without making any adverts Argo Medical Technologies Ltd. will soon be launching it's product on the market. Hope the price will be realistic for more info you make contact the supplier as follows

    Argo Medical Technologies Ltd.

    Kochav Yokneam Building
    Floor 6
    P.O.Box 161
    Yokneam Ilit 20692
    Tel: 972-4-9590123
    Fax: 972-4-9590125

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    $20k was the number I remember seeing. I wouldn't expect it to be much less than that.

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    Well unfortunately $150,000 has been mentioned recently. I have written personally to the manufacturer about keeping the price reasonable yet a business is always a business to make money. Sadly As to my condition i currently spend more than i earn. But least it's better than wasting huge sums of money in cell treatment that won't work.

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