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Thread: Showerchair

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    I am independent at home other than my bowel and bladder care. REALLY wanting to be fully independent. Is there a shower chair out there that is low enough to where I could propel myself into the shower? My shower is fairly big but not big enough for a bench and my chair to be in the shower at the same time for the transfer. REALLY wanting to be bowel and bladder dependently, Thanks.

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    The "... propel myself into the shower ..." could be accomplished with any of the following chairs.

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    Attachment 40024

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    the second chair look like something that would help. Transferring doesn't look like much of a problem. The way the arm rest are mounted would be perfect for transfers, just like my daily chair. Do they lift and swing away? Who makes that type of chair? The chair doesn't look like it is in the manufacturing today, looks older...or am I wrong?

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    I invented this one:

    portable too
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    I have one of the #3 photo, and have had really good luck with it. The seat is just about the same height as my bed, and easy to transfer to and from. The VA just bought me a Raz chair. You can have the old one for shipping and packing. It's 2 or 3 years old, but has an almost new seat. PM me if you are interested.
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    i use a e&j shower chair, had to prop by bed up a little to make a even transfer, but i hop into it right by bed
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    I have the E&J #3 too. It's foldable, I have taken it on several trips that required flying.

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    I use the Invacare Mariner with the 16" seat/frame and 23" rear wheels. It comes in 18" wide seat/frame as well, and it's foldable and can be used as a commode chair over the toilet. Search the web, you can find it for as low as $450.00 - $500.00.

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    i always used the e&j, the 3rd one. the best seat available on a shower chair.
    i had an invacare cuz thats all medicare would pay for a few years ago. it weighed a ton and the seat was like a rock. i saved my money and bought the e&j myself.
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    As a suggestion, make sure that whatever you choose has a turning radius that will allow entrance into the bathroom. That was the only reason we had to choose a caster chair that Ryan will never be able to push himself, the hall bathroom-with the door as expanded as possible- does not allow for any other option.

    Good luck. If you find one that works, you will gain not only independence but dignity in being able to get naked alone unless you want company, not because you need it.--eak

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