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Thread: Lawsuit to a hospital information..

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    You need to consult a plaintiffs personal injury trial lawyer who handles medical malpractice. Its best to find this attorney in the county where the hospital is located or at least nearby. Generally speaking, allowing an inpatient to suffer decubitus ulcers falls below the standard of care. A lawyer evaluating your potential claim will look at the nature and extent of your injuries and balance that against the estimated costs and risks of litigation against the hospital. Sometimes the hospital (or whoever) can be negligent but the injuries are not serious enough to justify the risks of suit. This is an unfortunate side effect of the contingency fee system because the lawyer bears all the financial risk of pursuing a lawsuit.
    Medical malpractice cases can be expensive and drawn out because hospitals and doctors generally refuse to admit when they are wrong (they are only trying to help you after all, correct?). Good luck and dont let them push you around!
    This is what you need to do Gary...
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    Thanks Linda, and number1advocate,
    I am going that route ,still getting info and trying to keep records.
    Still looking , but the worse part is still dealing with the Dr visits every week and nurses every few days , still trying to heal up and deal with this stuff is getting a bit overwhelming , and my boat and hunting trips are staring at me , but I am stuck until all the healing is done , which looks like another 3-4 weeks I hope not much longer..

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    Quote Originally Posted by number1advocate View Post
    This is what you need to do Gary...
    Gary I was just trying to explain to you that the hospital was not doing you a favor by paying your bill. That is all.

    I had no idea how intricately it was connected but clearly the statutes that I found indicate that number1advocate was right in what he was saying all along. I had never thought about it other than from the hospital side. Apparently all states are busy trying to enact some form of "tort reform" which is truly not great for people who are truly injured/harmed at the hands of professionals.

    I was looking at NC Medical Board Website today and amazingly they publish quarterly the names/county/preious town/state and detailed reasons for suspending/revoking physician's lisence. It was amazing reading.

    Hang in there...follow number1advocate's will find a personal injury lawyer.
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