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Thread: Will there be a crip at the wedding?

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    Will there be a crip at the wedding?

    Bombardment by the news about the Royal happening this week has got me wondering whether the Royals associate with any crips outside the charity milieu. I am not talking about elderly people with canes or those who think canes are fashionable. I mean a genuine wheelchair using crip, such as an SCI. I do not intend to watch the wedding, but I will be looking for one in the news clips.
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    Unlikely to be attending the Royal polo events they frequent......

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    doubt it. they had a lottery thing for the disabled to attend but i dont think the royals have any friends who are sci
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    Maybe Stephen Hawking will attend the wedding.

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    Don't mention the wedding, it only encourages them to breed!

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    What strikes me about this wedding is the passage of time.
    It doesn't seem that long ago that it was Diana. Since she was closer to my age and her kids my kids age it maybe seemed more interesting-though it never obsessed me.
    Seeing how much William looks like his mother as he grew and even some of the mannerisms make me feel my age.
    I don't understand the ridiculous amout of coverage it gets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timaru View Post
    Don't mention the wedding, it only encourages them to breed!

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    I read that with 2 consecutive 4 day weekends, many are planning vacations out of the country or at least out of London.

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