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Thread: 24 hour chicken leg marinade bbq

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    24 hour chicken leg marinade bbq

    24 hour Drumsticks
    I love chicken ok ? I'll fess up to my weakness lol

    Here is one of my favorite simple bbq recipe's

    Buy big package of Tyson or wallmart or whatever store brand ckicken legs Drumsticks .

    24 hour Marinading

    Marinade recipe first here it is ;
    big pot
    pour 2 good beers in the pot
    add 1 cup of balsamic vinegar
    Parsley oooh 4 tbspns
    Pomagranite juice about 1 cup
    Pineapple juice one cup
    6 big elephant garlic cloves in the pot

    1/2 cup of honey
    I add cyanne pepper in there this is optional

    Wash the chicken legs quarters very good

    Add the chicken legs in the pot and place in a cold fridge for 24 hours
    The longer they marinade and soak up the juices the better it tastes ..

    Go fire up your BBq and cook them legs good till there is no red in the meat . 160 180 degrees

    Make whatever side dish you want and this goes good with a nice glass of red wine and enjoy .

    Sincerely ;

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    GL this sounds yummy, I love chicken and can't wait to try thi receipe maybe I will make some fried brown rice also.\

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    Hi Jeanne Brown rice is awesome and I love adding for sides german potato salad and my fav coleslaw with scallions on the side to dress up the plates Countryish lol

    Jalapeno popers or stuffed cheezy peppers I usually use palmento cheeze with my own micture of sharp cheeze paste I break down my Swiss cheese into a paste by mashing it with cottage cheese or mozzerella

    Smoked stuffed cheeze peppers always go good with this dish over here ...

    I love a good glass of Merlot with this dish

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