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Thread: Morels, they'll be dinner soon.

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    Morels, they'll be dinner soon.

    A buddy brought me a bag of over 20 of these big morel mushrooms. I've already eaten way too much on this Easter Sunday, so they'll have to wait until tomorrow. If you've never had them, you're missing out.
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    whites? getting close here also, only blacks. love them in scambled eggs w/cheese.

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    Moderators please remove this thread. It is cruel for members to post pictures that evoke uncontrollable drooling.

    Yum! Nothing better than a morel.
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    Now, do these mushrooms have any hallucinogenic effects, or just for taste?

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    I don't know "marycsm77" about being hallucinogenic, but fresh morels sauted in butter (so that butter spurts from all of the crevices, nooks and crannies) served over angel hair pasta...well it may be close to orgasmic!!!

    All the best (bon appetite)

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    DeadEye, that's a true friend. Most would hoard the elusive shrooms.

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    man i just ate some today i love them my aunt has brought me some twice this year they have found around 400 this year

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    Those little suckers, I always had a hard time finding them!
    They don't stand out like a bright yellow chantrelle.
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    I found 26 yesterday! We used to tell the kids they were yucky but they soon found out differently. I guess thats one way to make them try new things huh?

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