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Thread: Upper Butt Pain

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    Upper Butt Pain

    I have had severe muscle pain in my upper butt for about two months. It gets worse when I wake up or am not moving for a while. I have had physical therapy, and pain injections with no apparent benefit. Has anyone had a similiar problem and found a way to get relief?

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    Howdy Mike -

    You need a diagnosis.

    Pain in the butt which feels like muscle pain can be from radiculopathy, impingement of the lumbar nerves. It could be neuropathic pain. Mike, what type of injections were you getting? What are they injecting and where are they injecting it? Whoever has their thumb on the plunger of the syringe must have a working diagnosis of what ails you and I would ask them what they the etiology or cause is. If he or she can't answer that , then you may want to see a physiatrist who can give you an answer and an explanation.

    "Severe muscle pain in my butt x 2 months" is the symptom that needs to be explored to find a cause.

    I wish you relief and luck at getting to the bottom of this.....

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    Butt Pain

    Arndog, thanks for your reply.
    My symptoms are not consistant with radiculopathy, although I am not a doctor and will ask that question. I do not know the anesthetic that was used, but it was injected directly into the muscle with the pain and seemed to do little to reduce the pain. The injected area became numb and affected my walking for a while. If this does not work he suggested a baclofen pump. I am presently on 30mg of Baclofen daily and do not appear to have a lot of spasicity. The doctor is a neurologist with a specialty of pain management.

    I also use a physical therapist, who is frustrated with the lack of progress.

    I am not happy with the course of treatment, and plan on getting another opinion within the next couple of weeks.

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    When you say "upper butt" do you mean pain high in the rectum or do you mean pain in your coccyx area or more towards your lower back? Are you seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist or a regular therapist?
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    Unhappy Butt pain

    I too have that butt pain you speak of. It bothers me more actually than the back pain does! It spreads down from about my waist area & goes down either side of my buttocks (like an inverted Y shape). I have had a spinal cord stimulator since August first it seemed like it really
    helped and no doubt it does help the pain but not enough to be able to
    be normal. I often wonder if has been the cause (or effect )of my legs feeling more and more like wet noodles and having decreased sensation. (so much so that I worry about falling and my legs tire so easily and have so little strength.)The buttock pain is what forces me to sit frequently to try to relieve some of the pain and what makes me have to lean over from the waist to get through washing a dishload of dishes-being upright is worse than leaning over! p.s. I have not been prescribed much of anything in the way of pain medicine that has helped enough to get excited about.
    I just know that I am tired of living like this.

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