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    Just thought i might be able to add something to this topic as it says CAD im an engineer and read another post on the forum asking how to open cad files if the were not sent in pdf or jpeg format
    theres a free download from a company which is basically a cad program it lets you open dxf or dwg files which is the format most companies send their drawings out in its called draftsight and its a free version of autocad more or less

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    Frame Style - ZR Series II
    TiLite SuperLite Editions
    Titanium Open Loop Footrest
    Folding Titanium Backrest
    Carbon Fiber TiShaft Back Release Bar

    Carbon Fiber Camber Tube
    TiLite Slipstream Single-Sided Fork
    Titanium Fork Stems
    Frame Finish - Tattooed Titanium - Rock & Roll
    Colour Anodize Package - Black
    Seat Width - 14"
    Seat Depth - 16"
    Frame Longer Than Seat Depth - 1"
    Front Seat Height - 18"
    Rear Seat Height - 14.5"
    Front Angle - 85 Degree
    Standard Footrests - Titanium Open Loop Footrest
    Measurement From Knee To Heel! - 14"
    V-Front End
    Footrest Width - 10"
    Seat Back Type - Folding Titanium Adjustable Height
    Seat Back that Locks when Folded
    TiShaft Back Release Bars - Carbon Fiber
    Integated Fold-Down Push Handles - Medium (14.5" - 19")
    Seat Back Height - Folding Backrest - Set @ 14.5"
    Available on All Backs - 4" Deep Backrest Rigidizer Bar
    Seat Back Angle - 92 Degree
    Centre of Gravity - 3"
    Rear Wheel Spacing - 0.75"
    Carbon Fiber Camber Tube - 4 Degree
    Front Wheels - 4" x 1.5" Plastic Wheel With Poly Tire
    Front Forks - TiLite Slipstream Single-Sided Fork
    Titanium Fork Stems
    Rear Wheels - Spinergy LX (12 SPOX) - Black w/Silver Hub, 24" x 1" (25-540) - Standard
    Pneumatic Rear Tires - Schwalbe Marathon Plus Evolution
    Axles - Quad Quick Release
    Handrims - Plastic Coated
    Long Tabs - Standard (Nearest to Wheel)
    Wheel Locks - Push to Lock
    Upholstery Colours - Black
    Seat Upholstery (Black) - Tension Adjustable Bolt On
    Side Guard Carbon Fiber - Fold Down Rigid - Standard
    Side Guards Custom Cut to Profile of Rear Wheel
    Calf Strap - Velco Adjustable - Medium (14" - 18")
    Seat Pouch - Small - Black Nylon
    Anti-Tips - Black Aluminum
    Black Neoprene Impact Guards

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    Attachment 41224
    I've got 99 problems but the wheelchair ain't 1

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    New ZRA S2 w/ ADI Disc brakes, Pushblax, and more

    The chair is a 15 x 17+1 ZRA S2

    Here are some of the basic specs:
    89° front angle
    17" rear seat height
    20" front seat height
    17.5" seat to footrest
    17"+1" seat length
    11" wide titanium w/ABS cover footrest with V front end
    3.75" inch center of gravity
    1.5" rear wheel spacing*
    6° of camber – aluminum camber tube**
    4 x 1.5" Plastic Wheel w/ Poly Tire (Froglegs)
    Tilite standard fork
    24" Spinergy LXs (with black hub – ordered from Matt from Pushblax)
    Pushblax Double-Stuffs on short tabs
    ROHO Hybrid Elite
    Bodypoint Hipgrip***
    ADI Disc Brakes w/ Variable Lever
    ROHO Jetstream Pro (made by ADI) with adjustable hardware

    *I started off with 1 inch spacing but the Hipgrip brackets rubbed so I had to send it back to ADI for more rear wheel spacing
    **ADI can no longer modify carbon fiber camber tubes for their disc brakes
    ***I might have to do a longer post on just the Hipgrip itself but in short I started using it several years ago in order to improve my sitting posture due to a small pressure sore on my lower lumbar back that resulted from the combination of my kyphotic (slouched forward) sitting posture at the time and scar tissue over my vertebrae left over from the implantation of a baclofen pump. Gradually I was able to utilize its ability to hold my hips in my cushion while reaching for things that would normally throw me out of my chair, like books on a shelf or something near the floor. Due to the fact that I have an incomplete injury (C-5 ASIA C) I was able to develop greater strength over the years in the few partially innervated muscles in my torso and back, for instance while riding the bus every day or scooting around campus in Seattle, because the Hipgrip was able to secure my hips requiring me to work on stabilizing and balancing my upper torso.

    I was able to reposition the anti-tippers by removing set screw on the side and putting it in another hole [see ZRA S2 Suppliment page 6-6 (32)]

    I'd like to thank all the folks here at CareCure that have shared their experiences with their own chairs and equipment, and whose posts contain valuable information not readily available elsewhere.

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    ZR2 - 15"wide (w/1.5" taper) x 17" deep; 85° front angle

    TiLite ZR Series 2
    Polished frame
    15" Seat wideth
    1.5" Front seat width taper
    17" Seat depth
    19" Front seat height 16" Rear seat height
    85° front angle
    16" seat to footrest
    Ti open loop footrest
    Custom 7" Deep footrest parallel to ground
    10" V-Front taper
    Non-folding titanium backrest
    8.5" Seat back height Custom 1.25" back post tubing
    4" Deep backrest rigidizer bar 92° seat back angle 4" center of gravity
    1" rear wheel setting
    Titanium Fork Stems
    Carbon fiber 2° camberFrog Legs soft roll casters 4" x 1.4" Frog Legs Unitine casters
    25" Round Betty Dinos w/Schwalbe RightRun tires
    ADI - Low profile carbon back rest
    Central Composites - CF Seat guard and seat pan

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    Nicely done!

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    17x16, 85° TiLite Aero Z, Series 2 ~ Two CADs

    The first CAD shows no DU modification (Aero Z, S2 with titanium flip-back footrest) and the second shows DU mod 100082 (custom rigidizer bar welded between the front frame tubes; hanging leg rests).

    Chair Specs ~

    • Seat Width: 17”
    • Seat Depth: 16”
    • Frame Depth same as Seat Depth
    • Front Seat to Floor: 16”
    • Rear Seat to Floor: 14.5”
    • Front Angle: 85°
    • Front Seat Width: 3.5” Standard Taper (Standard, non-V Front End)
    • Seat to Footrest: 14”
    • Titanium Flip-Back Footrest
    • Footrest Width: 11”
    • Folding & Locking Adjustable Back w/ 4” Deep Rigidizer Bar
    • Seat Back Height: Medium (12”–16.5”), set at 12.5”
    • No Push Handles, No Armrests
    • Seat Back Angle: 95°
    • COG: 2.5”
    • Rear Wheel Spacing: .75”
    • Camber: 4°
    • Front Wheels: 4” x .75” plastic wheel w/ poly tire
    • Fork Stem: TiLite Standard Fork
    • Rear Wheels & Tires: 24” Spinergy 30 Spoke Wire Wheel w/ Low Flange Hub; Primo tires
    • Axels: Stainless Quick Release
    • Pushrim: Aluminum - Silver Anodized, Long Tabs
    • Wheel Locks: Standard Push-to-Lock (will replace with Quickie Scissor Locks)
    • Side Guards: Aluminum, Rigid Removable - Adult / Standard size
    • Back Upholstery: Velcro Adjustable
    • Seat Upholstery: Tension Adjustable Bolt On

    The Schulte Dimension (see SCI-OTR's thread of 7/16/11 for an explanation) for CAD 1 is 21.8" and CAD 2 is 24.7".

    My Specs ~ 67”, 140#, left hemiplegia due to TBI (I use my less affected right arm and leg to self-propel, hence the low front STF and need for the flip-back footrest).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonna View Post
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    Any pictures?
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    nice design, but adding adjustable foot rest would be great..
    my autocad tutorial website

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    does quickie have a cad drawing for thier chairs? I asked my DME for one on my new chair to sign off on it and they said they don't get one!

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