A possible future sticky depending on response.

In addition to helping resolve doubts about whether hypothetical specs will result in an actual chair that meets its intended objectives, I have found that one can learn a lot about the various products and their individual nuances by comparing CAD drawings.

Over the past year, a number of members have posted their CAD drawings on this forum. It struck me that a single thread devoted to CAD drawings could become an invaluable resource for somebody looking to spec out their own chair.

Might I suggest the following "protocol" for members who are gracious enough to post their CAD drawings for others ...

1) Make sure any personal information has been removed from the drawing.

2) Use the "Go Advanced" feature to add a title using the following format to make searching easier...
ww x dd Frame Angle Manufacturer Model (Unique Feature)
15x16+1 85 Degree TiLite ZR2
15x15 80 Degree TopEnd Crossfire Titanium with Ergo Seat

3) If the actual chair has been delivered, post the CAD, a brief description, pics, and specs.

4) To keep the thread focused, post a separate thread for discussion and link to that thread. This should limit off topic excursions. Additionally, those who are posting their CAD in order to get advice will have their own thread devoted to their future chair without derailing the purpose of this thread.

It is my hope that this thread with the suggested protocol could create a truly unique repository of specific product information for reference while at the same time providing a way to address the needs of those who need help by linking to individual threads.

I know my "protocol" sounds like a lot of hassle for some, but spec'ing out a custom ultralight is serious business. I have a feeling that those of us who go through the trouble of actually getting a CAD drawing won't mind the additional work.

Let's see where this takes us. I'll post an example shortly.