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Thread: The CareCure CAD Repository

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    The CareCure CAD Repository

    A possible future sticky depending on response.

    In addition to helping resolve doubts about whether hypothetical specs will result in an actual chair that meets its intended objectives, I have found that one can learn a lot about the various products and their individual nuances by comparing CAD drawings.

    Over the past year, a number of members have posted their CAD drawings on this forum. It struck me that a single thread devoted to CAD drawings could become an invaluable resource for somebody looking to spec out their own chair.

    Might I suggest the following "protocol" for members who are gracious enough to post their CAD drawings for others ...

    1) Make sure any personal information has been removed from the drawing.

    2) Use the "Go Advanced" feature to add a title using the following format to make searching easier...
    ww x dd Frame Angle Manufacturer Model (Unique Feature)
    15x16+1 85 Degree TiLite ZR2
    15x15 80 Degree TopEnd Crossfire Titanium with Ergo Seat

    3) If the actual chair has been delivered, post the CAD, a brief description, pics, and specs.

    4) To keep the thread focused, post a separate thread for discussion and link to that thread. This should limit off topic excursions. Additionally, those who are posting their CAD in order to get advice will have their own thread devoted to their future chair without derailing the purpose of this thread.

    It is my hope that this thread with the suggested protocol could create a truly unique repository of specific product information for reference while at the same time providing a way to address the needs of those who need help by linking to individual threads.

    I know my "protocol" sounds like a lot of hassle for some, but spec'ing out a custom ultralight is serious business. I have a feeling that those of us who go through the trouble of actually getting a CAD drawing won't mind the additional work.

    Let's see where this takes us. I'll post an example shortly.

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    15x16 85 Degree TiLite ZRA S2 with Flip Up Footplates (DU100082)

    Until Picasso's thread a couple of years ago, I didn't know this was even an option on ZR models because it was not in TiLite's Designs Unlimited .pdf.

    The Specs...

    TiLite ZRA Series 2
    Red Pepper Anodize Package
    15" Seat Width
    16" Seat Depth
    16.5" Front Seat Height
    14.5" Rear Seat Height
    85 Degree Front Angle
    13.5" Seat To Footrest
    DU100082 Special To Build With Extra Cross Tube To Use Flip Up Footrests
    No Taper Footrest
    12.5" Footrest Width
    No V-Front Taper
    14.5"-19" Folding Adj-Ht Back
    18" Seat Back Height
    92 Degree Seat Back Angle
    2" Center Of Gravity
    0 Degree Camber
    4"X1.5" Plastic W/Poly Casters
    Standard Fork w/ Titanium Stems
    24" Spinergy Flexrims w/ Solid Tires
    Uni-Lock Set @ Push To Lock
    Rigid Removable Small Carbon Fiber Side Guards
    Swing Away Arm 9"-12"
    Invacare/Motion Concepts MaTRx Elite Deep Back

    More Discussion Here

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    17x16 80 Degree TiLite Aero Z Series 1 with Flip-Back Footrest

    Attachment 39962

    NOTE: Chair as pictured has non-factory options: chrome & stainless fasteners, bicycle lights, cafeteria tray under seat, brass side-guard shims.

    Attachment 40030
    Attachment 40031
    Attachment 40033
    Attachment 40034

    I especially love the adjustability, Natural Fits, flip-back footrest, D's Locks, Schwalbe MPE tires, and the general fit and trim of the chair. I chose an aluminum chair because weight is not an issue for me.

    TiLite Aero Z Series 1 (SN 55250)
    Colors = midnight blue pearl frame, sapphire anodized package, and navy blue upholstery
    Reinforced frame
    17” Seat Width (no taper)
    16” Seat Depth
    Aluminum Seat Pan
    17.5” Front Seat Height
    15” Rear Seat Height (adjusted to 14")
    80 Degree Front Angle
    15.5” Seat to Footrest (adjusted to 15")
    Flip-Back Footrest
    11” Footrest Width (Standard Front End with 3.5” taper)
    Folding, adjustable height (14”), adjustable-angle (92 deg), lock-when-folded, aluminum seat back with 4”-deep rigidizer bar
    velcro adjustable backrest upholstery.
    3” Center of Gravity
    4 Degrees of Camber
    6x1.25 TiLite Billet Soft-Roll Caster
    Standard Fork and stems
    24” standard Spinergy wire wheel.
    (D's Locks)
    Fold-down, rigid, aluminum standard side guards
    Schwalbe Marathon Plus Evolution tires (switched out solids, which had poor road traction and tore up my gloves)
    Natural-Fit Super Grip Hand-rim
    User-friendly anti-tips
    Small Seat Pouch
    Invacare InTouch Stabilite Gentle Contour cushion (not shown)
    Rear-wheel spacing = 3/4” (adjusted to 3/8")
    weight from bathroom scale (as pictured) = 37.5#
    My specs: 68", 200#, MS with C7 & T7 lesions incomplete

    Discussion Link
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    TiLite TR3
    Dual-Axle TR3 with RioMobility DragonFly
    I am a person with mild/moderate hexaparesis (impaired movement in 4 limbs, head, & torso) caused by RRMS w/TM C7&T7 incomplete.

    "I know you think you understand what you thought I said, but what I don't think you realize is that what you heard is not what I meant."

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    17 x 16+1 80 Degree TiLite TR

    Seat Width 17”
    Seat Depth 16” + 1”
    Front Seat Height 19.5” (Should have ordered 20")
    Rear Seat Height 16”
    Front Angle 80 degrees
    Seat to Footrest 16.5” (Now set around 17”)
    Footrest Titanium Flip-Back
    Footrest Width 13” (2” Taper)
    Backrest 17.5” – 20.5”
    Folding Back 92 degrees (Now at 98)
    Center of Gravity Order set at 1" (Now set at approx. 2.5”)
    Front Wheel 4” x 1.5”
    Rear Wheels 24” (540) Spinergy LX
    Tires Schwable Marathon Plus

    Discussion thread:
    C5-6 Complete - 8/13/1982

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    16x16 85 Degree TiLite ZRA S2

    Selected options:
    Frame Style: [ZRA (Full Adjustability - 265 lb weight limit)]
    Frame Finishes: [Satin]
    Color Anodizing Package: [Black - STD]
    Rear Seat Width: [16"]
    Front Seat Width: [No Taper - STD]
    Seat Depth: [16"]
    Frame Depth: [Same as Seat Depth - STD]
    Front Seat Height: [19.5"]
    Rear Seat Height: [16.5"]
    Front Frame Angle: [85° (n/a w/6" Front Wheels)]
    Seat to Footrest: [16"]
    Footrest Type: [Titanium Footrest w/Flat ABS Cover ]
    Front End Type & Footrest Width: Front Frame "Taper", B) 1.5" Taper Frame, LESS 4"Narrower = 12" Inside Width of Frame,
    Seat Back Type: [Folding Aluminum Adjustable Height Seat Back that Locks when Folded]
    TiShaft Back Release Bars: [Carbon Fiber]
    Push Handles: [Integrated Fold-Down Push Handles]
    Seat Back Height Range: [Medium Folding]
    Seat Back Height: [15"]
    Seat Back Options: [4" Deep Backrest Rigidizer Bar]
    Seat Back Angle: [92° - Folding Back]
    Center of Gravity: [3"]
    Rear Wheel Spacing: [1"]
    Camber: [2°]
    Camber Tube Type: [Titanium Camber Tube]
    Front Casters: [4" x 1" Performance 5 Spoke 2-Piece Billet Aluminum Wheel w/Soft Roll Tire - Silver Hub]
    Front Forks: [TiLite Slipstream Single-Sided Forks w/Titanium Fork Stems]
    Rear Wheel Size: [24" (540)]
    Rear Wheel Type: [Spinergy Wire Wheel w/Low Flange Hub - STD]
    Spinergy Spoke Color: [Black]
    Axles: [Stainless Quick Release - STD]
    Rear Wheel Tire: [Pneumatic Treaded - STD]
    Handrims: [Aluminum - Silver Anodized - STD]
    Handrim Mount: [Long Tab - STD]
    Wheel Locks: [Black Aluminum Scissor Lock]
    Upholstery Colors: [Black - STD]
    Back Upholstery: [Tension Adjustable by Straps (Required w/Fold-Down Push Handles)]
    Seat Upholstery: [Tension Adjustable Bolt-On - STD (n/a w/Tapered Seat)]
    Seat Cushions: None selected
    Side Guards: [Carbon Fiber Rigid Removable - Standard]
    Accessories: [Neoprene Impact Guards]
    L1 Burst Fracture Incomplete
    19th February 1998
    TiLite ZRA Series 2 01/31/2011
    New Design Back Hardware replaced by TiLite 03/28/2011

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    16x17 85 Degree Tilite ZRA S2

    The specs:

    Rear seat width: 16" (no taper)
    Seat depth: 17" (same frame depth)
    Front seat height: 19"
    Rear seat height: 15.5"
    Cushion: Supracor Stimulite Sport
    Front frame angle: 85 degrees
    Footrest: Titanium with flat ABS cover, 4" narrow than RSW (1.5" taper)
    Seat back type: Folding titanium adjustable height that locks when folded
    Tishaft back release bars: Titanium
    Integrated push handles
    Seat back: Medium folding set at 16" + 4" deep rigidizer bar
    Seat back angle: 95 degrees
    COG: 2"
    Rear wheel spacing: 1"
    Camber: 2 degrees (Titanium)
    Front casters: 5" x 1" plastic wheels with poly tires
    Front forks: Tilite standard
    Rear wheel: 24" Spinergy Spox (black)
    Rear wheel tires: Schwalbe Marathon Plus Evolution
    Axel: Stainless steel quick release
    Handrims: Aluminium, long tab
    Wheel locks: Uni Locks, pull to lock
    Back upholstery: Black, tension adjustable by straps
    Seat upholstery: Tension adjustable bolt-on
    Side guards: Aluminium rigid removable
    Armrests: Swing away flip-back tubular

    Discussion threads:
    C5-C6 ASIA C - October 15, 1984
    Tilite ZRA Series 2
    Living One Day At A Time

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI_OTR View Post
    Did you get a full CAD drawing with your specs? I can't recall if you posted a CAD or just a sketch. For all I know, you might have given them the drawing.

    It sounds like Oracing uses slightly different specifications when they build their frames. It would be an excellent addition to the CC CAD Repository.

    Here you`ve got it, is a Xtreme Box with 24" rear wheels and 4" casters and aluminium side guards without fender.
    The measurements are in millimeters, 1"= 25.4 millimeters.
    I will post pics once this monster is made.

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    18x16+1 85 Degree TiLite ZR Series 2

    The first ZR2 I have spec'd...

    The Specs:

    - 18" Seat Width
    - 16" Seat Depth
    - 17" Custom Frame Depth
    - 85 Degree Front Angle
    - 19.5" F / 16.5" R STF Heights
    - 16.5" Seat-To-Footrest
    - 3.5" Tapered Front Frame
    - 12" Footrest Width
    - Tubular Footrest W/Flat Abs Cover
    - Folding Titanium Backrest
    - Titanium Release Bar
    - Ti 12"-16.5" Folding Adj-Ht Back Set @ 12"
    - 95 Deg. Back Angle
    - 3.25" Center Of Gravity
    - 1" Rear Wheel Spacing
    - 2 Deg Camber
    - 25" Spinergy Spox w/ Schwalbe Marathon Evos
    - NaturalFit Standard Grip
    - Tension Adjustable By Straps Seat & Back Upholstery
    - Rigid Removable Carbon Fiber Side Guards--Standard Size


    - 4" X 1.5" Frog Legs Aluminum Hub Soft Roll Casters
    - Frog Legs Wide Axle Kit
    - Quickie Ergo Scissor Locks

    Nice to see the 3 hole bearing fork instead of the 2 hole short
    bearing fork.
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    Here is the monster before going to powder coating.

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    16x16 85 degree Ti TR w/Ergo seat

    Attachment 40485
    Frame Style: TR
    Rear Seat Width: 16"
    Seat Depth: 16"
    Ergonomic Seat: 6" Ergo Seat
    Front Seat Height: 19.5"
    Rear Seat Height: 15"
    Front Frame Angle: 85°
    Seat to Footrest Length: 17.5"
    Seat Back Height - Adjustable: 14.5" - 19" (set to 14.5")
    Seat Back Angle: 90°
    Center of Gravity: 3.5"
    Camber: 2°
    Front Wheels: 4" x 1" 2-Piece Billet Aluminum Wheel w/Soft Roll Tire - Black Hub
    Rear Wheel Size: 25" (559)
    Rear Wheel Type: Topolino Carbon Core Wheels
    Rear Wheel Tire: 25" Schwalbe RightRuns
    Handrims: Plastic Coated
    Cushon: ROHO Low profile 16x16
    Attachment 40501
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    C5-6 / '88

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