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Thread: Rick Hansen concludes China tour at Hong Kong SCI youth Rally; eleven- day visit resu

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    Rick Hansen concludes China tour at Hong Kong SCI youth Rally; eleven- day visit resu

    Rick Hansen concludes China tour at Hong Kong SCI youth Rally; eleven- day visit results in strengthened international collaboration and celebration for positive social change.

    4-21-11 1:12 PM EDT |
    Rick Hansen concludes China tour at Hong Kong SCI youth Rally; eleven- day visit results in strengthened international collaboration and celebration for positive social change.
    Canada NewsWire

    HONG KONG, April 21

    HONG KONG, April 21 /CNW/ - Rick Hansen, Canada's Man In Motion, addressed a stadium of 1,500 Hong Kong youth today in the final leg of his visit to China where he visited Beijing, Shanghai, Shantou and Hong Kong. The eleven-day trip to China is part of the 25th Anniversary International Program which aims to further international collaboration and partnership agreements in regards to the Rick Hansen Spinal Cord Injury Registry (RHSCIR), recognize international achievements in the areas of finding a cure for spinal cord injuries, celebrate the achievements of the last two and a half decades, and engage youth in meaningful dialogue - all while looking to the future in the hopes that all communities can become healthy, accessible and inclusive.

    "It's been incredibly encouraging to see the tremendous progress China has made. Rights for people with disabilities are translated into policy...and you can also see the positive changes in the built environment," said Rick Hansen, President and CEO of the Rick Hansen Foundation (RHF). "In the past eleven days, we have been fortunate to meet with great scientists, energized youth, spinal cord patients in hospitals, organizations representing persons with disabilities, and medical leaders in China who are now collaborating with The Rick Hansen Foundation and The Rick Hansen Institute. We are now moving as a global team to share spinal cord research best practices and recognize achievements of individuals who are making a better world in China. My return to this great country this time has been about the many in motion that are joining me to help forge a path to a healthier and more inclusive world."


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    Now time to get back to your actual job: get nothing done
    Don't ask what clinical trials can do for you, ask what you can do for clinical trials.

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    I was at this rally. It was actually quite amazing. About 1500 school children attended this event held at the Shatin Jockey Club, as well as all the major disability associations. People who received awards included 4 people with spinal cord injury and a person who holds a world record in the 100 meter dash in the para-Olympics. It was both uplifting and touching. The school children asked questions of Sang Lan, Christine Leung, and Rick Hansen.

    It is part of a significant fundraising drive that we are carrying out in Hong Kong to raise money for the ChinaSCINet trials. We have raised HK$8.2 million (about HK$7.77 per US$1.00) so far and will be running a telethon on April 30.


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    Ox, Come to Vancouver and take a tour of Rick's new ICORD Research and Rehabilitation Center. It is a world class SCI Center specializing in SCI issues.

    He has spent countless hours on the road helping to organize Nations to raise funds for SCI research and developement.

    He and 4 other racers broke the barrier at the 1980 Olympics by being the first disabled racers to do an event in the abled bodied games.

    He wheeled around the world doing up to 82 miles a day sometimes hoping to raise awareness of what a disabled person could do. Stan Stronge and I would send him DMSO in far away places to helpease the shoulders. It was all we had back in those days; horse linament.

    When he first decided to wheel around the world, it was going to be in honor of our good friend, Terry Fox. He wan't even thinking of SCI research or awareness in the very beginning; it was about Terry.

    Soon after, the world tour came together with his vision of SCI awareness. He had no funding or idea of how it would be acomplished but he started to train bigtime for it. As more influential people came on board things barely started to happen.

    He went to Bill Reid, the President of the BC Bank at the time, for advice and help with funding. Mr. Reid was Amanda's, his now wife's, father. He was skeptical of anyone in a wheelchair, nevermind one wanting to wheel around the world in a wheelchair. Rick had to climb a flight of stairs to get to the door. When Mr. Reid answered the door and saw him standing there, he remarked that if he could climb those stairs he could make it around the world. The rest is history that I don't need to bore you with.

    For a boy freshly injured from Williams Lake,BC to one who undoubtly is one of the best known SCI Advocates and for research in the World; One, who has committed his life to the cause, yet still takes the time to go visit with individuals and encourage them to maximize their potential. I think he does a lot.

    Perhaps you should ask Dr. Wise and the other researchers if Rick does anything. SHow some respect for someone with that much history. He makes a good buck at it, big deal; who said life had to be tough.

    Now it's your turn to carry on his tradition and get something going in Spain.
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    Excellent post, Patrick.
    Roses are red. Tacos are enjoyable. Don't blame immigrants, because you're unemployable.

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    Excellent post Pat.

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    Oxy and the rest of us who resent anyone making good money promoting "the cause":

    "Rick's new ICORD Research and Rehabilitation Center. It is a world class SCI Center specializing in SCI issues. "

    It is just a fact that CEOs who head organizations of this size and scope get ample salaries. Gifted leaders get paid- it's an Is.

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    I agree Tet, Considering the hundreds of Millions his foundation has raised towards research; what he makes is probably about average for any CEO with the size institute and number of people working for him.

    Perhaps "Oxy and the rest of us" should go out and get a job with the same responsibilities and work for a pittance. Rick doesn't live opulently, but he lives a good life and makes a decent living. He's worked over 25 years building what he has.

    He also has done, books, lectures and movie deals; for all I know, he could be working for the foundation for a dollar a year. I don't know his salary or care. Considering what he does for SCI and getting Nations to jump on the wagon, he's worth every penny.

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    Excellent post(s) Patrick.

    How anyone, disabled or not, can begrudge Rick Hanson and all that he has done and continues to do is beyond me. I admire those that try to make positive change, bring awareness, education and motivation to the masses. We need 1000 more of him.

    Onward & Upward,


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    Pat, it doesn't really matter what someone soed ofr a living. If this guy feels that compensation suffices for his accomplishments, then ok. I think that Wise and lther researchers who come up with a treatment will receive much more than monetary compensation. for their discoveries. The Christopher Reeve foundation is a good example. They are promoting their own careers and compenstion on life. I posted recently that when I discussed their performance, the answere I got was " it's only been 30 years". We need to recognizae accomplishments and forward movement of a mission or a goal. Wise and others are pursuing this. Let's concentrate on them and weed out the others.

    keeping on

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